Weekly Anime Round-Up: March 25th – March 31st

Winter anime has almost entirely finished for the season, with Little Busters being the only show included in the round up that did not end this week.  This season was a lot of fun, but the upcoming spring anime lineup looks very exciting, with lots of variety and the return of some popular shows from last year and beyond.  Since this article consists almost entirely of endings, I’m going to try and keep things short and sweet.

AKB0048:  Episode 26 END
Can’t… resist… the moe…

AKB0048’s final push to retake Akibastar involves singing to a crowd of disenfranchised citizens that feel they were abandoned during the DES assault.  As expected, this show wraps up with a spectacular performance of idols vs. space marines, along with answering a lot of the viewer’s burning questions.  This is the kind of show someone will either love or hate, but it was a fun ride and worth watching by any fan of idol anime.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT:  Episode 12 END
(I Don’t Have Many Friends)  AKA: Haganai
I’ve heard this is a common practice in American prisons

This episode reinforced my opinion that Haganai is awesome when it sticks to comedy, and just plain awkward when it tries to be serious.  I really loved watching this season, and I still recommend it to fans of Haganai, but be warned, the ending for this season is going to leave a bitter taste in your mouth.  Unless a 3rd season comes around, this will be one of the worst endings to a TV anime I have ever seen.  Now go ahead and watch it and rage.

Girls und Panzer:  Episode 12 END
B-b-but tanks are supposed to be fun!

The conclusion of the biggest tank battle the girls have faced is finally here, and it was worth the wait.  The creative team’s decision to take the extra time needed to do this final battle the right way paid off, because both of these episodes were simply amazing.  This show is yet another example of anime’s unusual knack for transforming strange concepts into fantastic entertainment.  The massive popularity of this show practically guarantees another season, so it is almost safe to say we can expect even more cute girls and tanks.

Little Busters!:  Episode: 25
A true anime rarity:  a girl with an eye patch for actual medical reasons.

This week the Little Busters are… actually getting ready to play baseball?  A game has finally been arranged for the Busters to play against a team formed by the schools other athletic clubs, but they are still short one player for the game.  Will unusual circumstances once again bring another player to the Little Busters baseball team?

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:  Episode 13 END
(My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend Fight Too Much) AKA: Oreshura
The final battle for the title of best girl begins…

The “Oredere” game promotion contest has begun, in a seemingly cruel display that forces the girls to pour their hearts out for Eita in front of a large audience.  The sacred answer to the question of “which girl won” is up for debate after the conclusion of this show.  In the end, Oreshura was enjoyable, but also a fairly average romcom anime with a fairly average romcom ending.

Senran Kagura:  Episode 12 END
Best girls have arrived to save the day!

The conclusion to boobie ninja’s is upon us, for better or worse.  This show set out to be an ecchi/action/comedy and achieved exactly that, and it won’t ever fall under or exceed those expectations.  Was Senran Kagura a pervy action show made to pander to fans of ninjas and boobs?  Yes.  Was Senran Kagura awesome for those same previously mentioned reasons?  Absolutely.

Vividred Operation:  Episode 12 END
C’mon crow god, have you seen gas prices?  Taking away the Incarnate Engine is a dick move.

The interdimensional crow-god thingy has spoken, and naturally it wants to destroy all of mankind, because that is the only reasonable thing to do.  Can Akane and her friends save mankind and alternative energy with the power of friendship and yuri overtones?  We are going to find out!  Vividred is a really fun show made to entertain anime fans, and is completely unapologetic about it.  Obviously this means this show isn’t for everyone, and strangely enough that is also what makes it devilishly fun.

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 24 END
AKA: The Civilization Blaster
Can anyone stop the tree of Genesis?

Studio Bones is infamous for the way they end anime (Just ask Soul Eater fans), but I have to admit, they did a good job this time.  Everything wraps up nicely, and a very satisfying ending was delivered.  It’s obvious that my enjoyment of this show was lacking during the second half, mostly due to some really bad pacing issues.  This show could have been amazing if it was trimmed down to a single core season of 12-13 episodes, especially because I always had the feeling every bit of the story was being stretched beyond its limit.

Yet Another Show I Watched:

GJ-Bu:  12 Episodes
Anime high school once again proves superior to real high school.

GJ-bu is yet another show from this season that I regrettably did not include in the roundup.  The story basically involves the daily activities the GJ club, a school club that consists of four girls and a new member nicknamed “Kyoro”, the only male member of the club.  The GJ club is pretty much just an excuse for everyone to have a place to mess around, and that is the basic premise of the show.  This is a slice of life/comedy that strongly represents everything that is great about slice of life anime.  The show is both relaxing and humorous, and features a cast of colorful and memorable characters.  Slice of Life shows can be very hit or miss with me, but I really enjoyed this one.  If you are in the market for something cute, silly, and relaxing, this show hits the spot.

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