Research Proves Most People Don’t Want to Have Sex with Robots

Fun Fact: Silver Crow gets all the bitches.

The Huffington Post, a site that appears to straddle the line between real journalism and reporting that chickens suits are this seasons black, ran a poll asking people if they would mind having a robot do random tasks for them—from being a butler to being a sex partner.  While they are asking all the questions that I personally want answers to, I don’t know that anyone else was really wondering this sort of thing.  Naturally older people were less likely to want a robotic anything involved with their lives, and more likely to claim that someone was cheating on them if they banged out with a robot.

This raises the most interesting question for me, how is having “relations” with a robotic anything cheating? The article showed the questions and they never said anything about our metal lovers being self-aware, so that makes it even more confusing that people would become angry for basically what seems to amount to very expensive and possibly electrocuting-able masturbation.  I mean, I looked over this article and none of the questions had the answer “ahhhhhhhh! SKYNET!” as a choice so I kind of think that they were overlooking a very real, very important and well-spoken demographic.  Although a future where we are enslaved to our robotic sex-masters sounds way better then Arnold Schwarzenegger based death.

Source: Huffington Post (because I know you don’t believe me)

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