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El Shaddai:   el shaddai

Probably one of the only titles on the list that makes no sense in either Japanese or the romance language that it was first intended for.  For those of you who have no idea what this is at all I have a quick story:  When Shane Bettenhausen first left EGM he went to a little studio called Ignition Games, his entire reasoning for being there was so that this game could see release in the US.  Almost directly after the game was released he left the studio and it folded.  For the asking price of 8 dollars it seems kind of worth it to play a game that literally kept a studio running, probably at a loss, for years.

Cost: $8
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Akai Katana:

akai katana

I have no idea what the title means.  Like no idea at all.  You could ask me to make guesses from the title and the box art but most of them would probably be wrong.  I bring this title up because it is one of the few SMups (shoot ‘em ups) that have seen US release in the last couple of years.  Considering that there has been a drought of this play style over the last couple of years I think that 15 dollars is probably exactly the right asking price for an unknown.  Think about it this way, you have probably spent more than that on an Xbox Live Arcade game about chickens while drunk.  Let that sink in before you think that this isn’t worth an order.

Cost: $15
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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King!

adventure time 3ds

This title wasn’t really expensive when it first came out at 30 dollars.  You can now pick it up for 30% less than that and feel like a hero.  From everyone I know that has played this game it isn’t really going to change your life, but it is a really good distraction when you are pooping.  Honestly, what more could you want from a portable game than something that is great to play while taking a dump? Nothing, which is why I briefly considered the crap rating scale for handheld titles; the first rating system based entirely around how much fun a game is to play while you poop.

Cost: $20
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Lollipop Chainsaw


I like Suda 51. As a matter of fact I think that most people should have a random scattering of his games in your collection at any given time.  They are insane, have an amazing amount of depth to them if you want to look for it, normally involve monkeys in one way or another, and are just simply a blast to play while totally drunk out of your mind.  The disadvantage to this, of course, being that you never really want to pay full retail price for a game that you are only going to play black out drunk.  Most of us, possibly not most of us that work on the site but the rest of humanity being implied by that statement, don’t really reach that point except for the rare amazing party.  So it is hard to have a drinking game, costing 50 dollars, which you only ever even attempt to get into the mindset for once a week.  No worries, because we have you covered as it is only now 17 bucks.

Cost: $17
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