Weekly Anime Round-Up: August 26th– September 1st

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US, but why bother going out drinking beer around the grill in that disgusting summer heat when you could be inside, drinking beer and watching anime?  That is what you should have done, anyway, since lots of great shows are reaching their conclusions soon.  In other, somewhat shocking news this week, world-renowned anime director Miyazaki Hayao has announced his retirement.  Even if you don’t follow anime you have probably heard of his work; some of his bigger films have even been localized by Disney, Princess Mononoke being among the most well known in the west.  While many of his films are aimed at a younger audience, most of them are really amazing and very enjoyable no matter what your age.


Now I’ve got to take a bit to address another matter, the issue of Symphogear.  Symphogear went from being one of the first shows of the week to get subs, to coming out whenever the translator feels like it.  A similar situation popped up earlier this year with Senran Kagura, and this sort of thing happens when there are no simulcasts and the only subs come from a handful of dudes working for free in their spare time.  Instead of constantly skipping around and playing catch up, from this point on I am simply going include each episode one week late and save myself the headache.

Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation:  Episode 8
(Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation)
Nepgear falls prey to another of Vert’s traps.

This week’s episode is all about good ‘ol fashioned fanservice, and they even go out of their way to make this clear to the audience.  The goddesses must investigate enemy activity on the mysterious R-18 Island, a place where swimsuits and/or nudity are the mandatory dress code.  You should know what is going to come of this, and I’m sure you all will enjoy it.

Danganronpa:  The Animation:  Episode 9
I’m really surprised she hasn’t killed anyone yet.

Another corpse, another trial.  The results of this trial are actually surprising, considering that murder is part of school curriculum.  Obviously I’m not going to spoil the fun, so be sure to watch the despair of this week’s episode.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Ilya:  Episode 8
Having “fat storage bags” on your chest can cause jealousy, apparently.

After nearly killing her friends by accident, Ilya decides she’s done with the magical girl game.  Fortunately, her contract doesn’t seem to include the “the only way out is in a body bag” clause that is all the rage in magical girl contracts these days.  However, putting down the wand and leaving behind the pretty dress seems to be giving Ilya a bad feeling…

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince:  Episode 21
You know mankind is desperate when they have even gathered up the crappiest mechs AND brought back the Space Shuttle.

Mankind is assembling everything they have to send out to the Wulgaru warp gate.  Unfortunately, concerns about the side effects of the AHSMB on Izuru’s mind and body are keeping him out of this fight, at least for now.  We are going to have a pretty awesome series of fights to look forward to in the coming episodes; I can assure you of that.

Highschool DxD NEW:  Episode 9
Issei learns the dangers of traps.

Rias is given permission to remove the seal on one of her oldest minions that appears to be a cute vampire girl.  Much to Issei’s disappointment, however, his newest comrade is a cross-dressing boy.  Strangely enough, Issei and Gasper form a bond when Issei learns about Gasper’s time stopping power; and the potential for using it to grope girls frozen in time.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen:  Episode 8
(The World God Only Knows:  Season 3)
Fun Fact:  Maid outfits are great.

Now that Kaima has finally gotten over his cold, he realizes he must find the last goddess as quickly as possible to save Kanon.  To make matters worse, the evil organization Vintage is making their moves as well, and it seems that even the government of New Hell can’t (or won’t) stop them.  Can Kaima save his friend and the universe with pimping skills acquired from years of dating sims?

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi:  Episode 9
(The Sunday without God)
God has even forsaken birthday cake.

Ai has escaped “school”, and her new friends are finally safe.  Now she has decided to join one of her new friends, whom also wants to save the world, albeit with a pretty radical method.  But before Ai can begin her quest to save the world, she’s decided to find Scar, who has suddenly disappeared.  Ai’s journey into the wastelands only continues to get stranger and stranger…

Monogatari Series: Second Season:  Episode 9
Aw crap…

Araragi and Shinobu are learning that time travel is a pretty fickle beast, as it seems manipulating the past for a better present sorta… destroyed the world.  Not only is the world destroyed, it is filled with zombies that roam the streets at night.  Oh, and not only are they zombies, they are fucking vampire zombies.  I’m not sure if that makes them more or less dangerous, but either way, Araragi screwed up, big time.  Can this perverted high-school student and his loli vampire save time and space as we know it?

Ro-Kyu-Bu!  SS:  Episode 8
Child Beer™ is the official beer of the Loli NBA.

The tournament continues, and when everything is over, you will believe that loli’s can fly.  For added hilarity, keep your Space Jam soundtrack handy during this entire episode.  For some reason this episode ends with little girls drinking beer specifically made for… little girls.  Seriously, I’m not creative enough to make this shit up.

Rozen Maiden (2013):  Episode 9
I’ve been waiting for her to call someone junk all season.

Okay, just when I thought things were getting too slow, the shit hit the fan.  The final Rozen Maiden has arrived, and she seems to have a thing for devouring souls.  Sorry mankind, your destructor has taken the form of pure cuteness.

Shingeki no Kyojin:  Episode 21
(Attack on Titan)
Yup, everything went wrong.

You know how things tend to go wrong in this show?  Yeah, shit went wrong.  Be sure to watch this week’s episode, which is guaranteed to leave you knowing how futile it is to be human.  Enjoy!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:  Episode 20
(A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Attack on Misaka.

Just when it seems this story arc is just going to be more cute antics, evil science arrives to ruin the girls’ fun in Academy city.  Can Misaka and friends protect little Febri from random attacks by robots and powered suits?  Watch and find out!

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!:  Episode 8
(It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular!)
AKA: Watamote
I’m literally speechless.

Tomoko’s younger cousin is going to come over, and now Tomoko has to find a way to back up her stories of getting laid all the time to impress her.  This involves near-fatal misuse of a vacuum cleaner, an awkward conversation with a boy that gave her an umbrella, and cheating at a card game for kids in the name of fame and glory.  At least we can always count on Tomoko to keep it classy…

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