The Robot Uprising No Longer Needs to Aim

Thanks DARPA, every now and then I think that I might be able to go to sleep at night without dreaming about BigDog busting through the walls of my house and jumping on me until I am a fine enough paste to be its biofuel.  Now I also get to enjoy the knowledge that whatever insane rounds it might be packing it no longer needs to aim at me, as the bullet itself will manage to find the target.  I am assuming that it still needs to fire in the same general direction as me, but considering that it doesn’t have the disadvantage of not being a machine built for only killing me it probably already has that issue sorted.

Real talk time; do I need to stop worrying about the robot revolution and start worrying about a bullet revolt?  If I go hunting am I going to have to worry if I insulted my ammunitions family before I attempt to slay Bambi’s mother?  Maybe I have been thinking about this wrong the entire time, and the enemy I should have been worrying about isn’t the thing that is replacing man, but man making the weapons smart enough to kill without us.  A bullet that can aim itself is just a step aware from firing, and that happens all the time, according to random police reports.

Source: DARPA’s own YouTube

More People Care that Top Gear was Cancelled than They Swore

If you watched what was aired of the last season of Top Gear you might have noticed that they were slipping in a handful of cursing every now and then, which seemed to be odd considering that the show was mildly family friendly and would only ever slip in an odd poop joke here and there.  Considering that some people just want to kick a horse as it lays dying people have decided to start complaining to their local stations about the language, which amounted to a single “arse” and a couple of “shit”s, but keep in mind all of this was said before the strike 9PM cut off observed in most countries.  Thankfully no one cared enough to do anything about it.

You can call him handsome

Not only are people complaining about something well over a month after the show has been pulled for other, stupider, reasons, they are aren’t even doing it well or in enough numbers to matter.  To give this perspective 18 people complained to the British regulator ofcom (their FCC) about the colorful choice of words, 133 complained about the show being pulled from the air.  That is about 10 times as many people cared that someone got in trouble for punching a man over not getting a steak than cared that they might have to hear Hammond be upset while he rode a bike over an uncomfortable road in Russia.

Source: The Guardian

NASA Paying the Fit to Become Less So

If you are an able bodied US legal resident of moderate to amazing physical shape NASA is looking for you to do absolutely nothing!  For 70 short days, or almost ¼ of a year, they simple ask that you remain almost completely still in an almost flat bed.  Don’t worry, you are still expected to exercise while in bed so, you know, walking is still functional at the end of the experiment.  Also all of the highlights of pooping in a pan and washing yourself with a cloth on a stick are just signing bonuses.  All that and more can be yours, plus 18k.

Maybe I have just reached that point in my life that this entire thing sounds horrible, or maybe it was the fact that I would have to poop in a bedpan instead of the toilet—or some special space bed—that made me think this wasn’t a great time.  Also all of the headlines that talk about this also seem to think that just anyone off the street could be taken, including the famous “couch potato”.  If they even bothered to pay attention to the words they typed they would notice that the recruits would have to be in mildly good condition, count me out, or they wouldn’t make it through the application process.

Source: The Hindu

High Powered Radio Ways with a “Mathematical Pattern” Detected From Deep Space

Very recently eleven short bursts, all of which follow a specific mathematical pattern, have been detected coming from outer space.  The origin of the signal is up for debate, as some people would like to claim it is either a hoax or simply intercepted signals from a government satellite, but if the source is non-terrestrial the next most likely contender is not inside of the galaxy and would require the energy of several stars just to send.  Be a party pooper all you want, the idea of some kind of Dyson Sphere style civilization reaching out for contact is awesome.

All things considered, this is almost certainly not aliens making contact.  The amount of energy required is beyond insane, and considering that most science fiction wouldn’t even call us worthy of contact; it would make much sense for a space fairing species to even care.  Also, another point of order, as technology increases so does the desire for it to be overall more energy efficient.  That basically means that there is a real possibility that within our lifetimes signals won’t escape the atmosphere unless we want them to.  Sadly this probably just two really neat neutron stars smashing the living hell out of each other.

Source: Fox News

Tangential Study on Video Games Implies Correlation with Behavior

So you have some grant money, but doing real research is super hard.  Instead you blow all the money on hookers and cocaine, then use unpaid interns and hand out surveys to high school students instead of really looking into anything.  Those that fill it out, I guess you make the interns look into their school records—or if you are super lazy just take them at their word.  Congratulations, you have not finished every study that has ever been done about violent games impacting behavior of minors!

The newest study, though, did manage to take the extra step and look into the broader reach of gaming itself; finding that the behavior problems, lower grades, and poor social skills all seemed to revolve around people who could/would not stop playing any video game.  The study states that it is unsure if the researched gravitate towards the games or if the gaming causes it.  Here is an idea, if you lack the self-control to hang out with friends, do your homework, study for a test, or desire to be in school, you might have some kind of issues to begin with.

Source: Physicians News