Square Enix Losing Money

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For you or I it might not be that uncommon to enter the end of the year with a lower bank account statement than last year, sure it is something that we try to avoid but it is always kind of hard to not spend a little extra around Christmas.  For Square-Enix, on the other hand, their “little less” for this year is around 134 million USD (or 13.5 billion yen if you want to make it sound like a more unreasonable amount of money).  The reason for the short fall, interestingly, is being firmly placed on anything that wasn’t developed in Japan—you know, the titles that they released that either managed to be released anywhere outside of Japan, are not pointless cash-ins, or aren’t a floundering MMO.

It is interesting that of all of the bestselling games that came out, for months, most of them happened to be in some way connected to Square-Enix.  Tomb Raider was at the top of the charts for more than a month and it still managed to be treated as “underperforming”.  I would normally say something about worrying that Square is going to take the wrong message from this, but they have already stated that they have.  It isn’t that these games didn’t make money for the company, they did, the company projected that they would do more to offset the cost of other, probably terrible and Final Fantasy based, products.  Because aside from cellphone games that reuse sprites from two decade old games and charge you 2 dollars for a new character, I don’t even know what that company makes any more.

Source: JoyStiq

Kotaku Less Friend to Women, More a Friend to Money

Something like that

This is something that Stark and I have been talking about, off and on, for the last two years; the only thing that is surprising is that this is the first real attempt at anything I would call journalism to get my attention.  The topic is women in video games, the discussion is normally about how terrible they are treated.  When you talk to women who are really working in games they have surface level complaints, most of them resembling very closely those of the men (long work hours, time off isn’t great, pay is not competitive).  When you talk to journalists the conversation is about how they are treated like it is the new form of slavery.  I don’t want to go too into the article because it is worth a read on its own right, but I am going to point out that we did a comic about this years ago:

Everyone cares about the game first, regarldess of what has been reported

Honestly this is something that I am kind of happy to see, someone that put the footwork in and is more than willing to get the heat of people from it.  The truth is that it is a counter point to the only common thread of the last several of “game journalism”.  They make some logic leaps, but seem to end up at a reasonable enough spot most of the time.  It seems fair and balanced enough, even though I agreed with them before I read the article, and it is one of those things that makes me happy to see someone talking about and being well articulated about.  At this point I can only guess and hope that some random company scoops this person up before too long.

Source: N4G Blog

Ten Years Later and EVE Online is Still Insane

Because, EVE

Most 10 year olds want a new video game for their birthday, EVE had different ideas.  Three days ago, on May 5th a player announced where they would be flying one of the games largest, and most expensive, ships.  The only caveat to the entire process is that players could only use frigate class, the smallest, ships to take it out.  Over 3000 people came for the challenge.  The result is basically what it must look like when an ant colony takes out an infant, only this time with lasers and missiles—because that is just how EVE rolls.

I have spent hundreds of hours actively playing EVE, and I can honestly say that now is the best time to jump on.   I have never before seen a company that is so actively devoted to keeping fans interested and attempt to take most of the feedback to heart.  The player base is small but possibly the most dedicated of any game out there.  The game is also possibly the only example of entertainment that takes place in real time, at all times.  Saying that it is unlike anything else out there is an understatement, and something that should truly be experienced.

Source: The Escapist

Buy Yourself Something Cheap: Forgotten Japan Edition

Yakuza: Dead Souls
Yakuza Dead Souls

I own all of the Yakuza games, aside from Dead Souls.  Most of the games can be gotten for a song, and until recently this was the one time that rule didn’t hold up.  Dead Souls, the zombie infested version of Yakuza, just seemed to hang out there and demanded to have people pay full price for it.  Clearly the bottom has fallen out on that idea as it can be gotten for cheap.  From what I understand it isn’t the best of the series,  but when you take into consideration that the core series is a crime drama about the worst people in the world with deep and involved plots a zombie side story might not be the most serious thing in the world.

Price: $13
Buy it here


Resonance of Fate (PS3)

I own Resonance of Fate.  I have played a respectable chunk of the game as well.  My thoughts about it are kind of mixed at best, at worst I don’t know if I could tell you what the plot of the game was besides JRPG and Guns.  That said I thought that it was kind of enjoyable.  For me it came out during sort of a dry spell in both gaming and the genre so I played more than I probably would–although lets be honest, this entire generation has been a dry spell for Japan and their shenanigans.  The game is non-nonsensical, oddly paced, and probably just what you are looking for given the fact you are reading this site.

Price: (PS3) $18
Buy it here

Record of Argest War Zero: Standard (PS3/360) or Limited (360)

So I own Record of Argest War Zero.  I have only ever opened it to check out the limited edition collectables.  I also, regrettably, bought it from GameStop; meaning that the packaging had of course been opened for no real reason and I had the impression that I might have been missing the case for the music CD.  This is one of the many reasons that I bit the bullet and got Amazon Prime.  I hate waiting to get things I want, but I hate it even more when you pay a premium, are treated like a moron and possible thief, and walk away with a shoddy product.  Record of Argest is a forgettable JRPG, something that we haven’t gotten a ton of this generation.  It is also dirt cheap in all versions now on Amazon (not the PS3 limited, as that sells for almost 70 dollars).

Price: 360 :$15
PS3 : $16
360 Limited: $20


If I am being kind when talking about NeverDead i would say something like, “You have probably never heard of it”.  If I was being honest I would say that it was an attempt by Konami to make another triple A franchise, but instead of giving them the money that they might require to do that, or the marketing to make people even aware that it was a thing.  Most of the reviews that I did hear about the game said that it was fine, but not 60 dollars fine.  I am going to gather from that the current, stupidly low, asking price is just about right for this game.  If you have Amazon Prime it is kind of a no brainer to pick with the free shipping, or if you are just looking for something to play in this the slow season.

Price: About $10
Buy it here

Rock of the Dead (New, 360)

Rock of the Dead is kind of a terrible game.  Not even in a “so terrible it is good”.  The game was a commercial, critical, ideological, and un-colorful flop. The only reason people even know it was a thing is because they had one of the world’s worst E3 boths ever.  They took mildly attractive women, put on the world’s worst makeup, then made them stand outside in the sun just to make sure that they would not be able to take that stuff off with a Brillo pad and acid.  Also, it wasn’t really an E3 booth as much as it was a booth that was located around hotdog vendors that people running the convention couldn’t legally tell to go away.  Thankfully it is stupid cheap.  So cheap it is more expensive to buy new than used.

Price: .01
Buy it here

Shark 3 Feet Larger than Jaws Found

Shark spray... something... something... laugh.

Jaws was a story about a 25 foot shark that ate people like I eat corn-nuts—fast, with much pleasure and very little remorse.  In the movie it took several hardened sailors, a cop, a not quite big enough boat, and an exploding barrel to take it out.  It seems that in the real world over fishing and increasing ocean pollution was probably enough.  On the coast of a Rhode Island town a 28 foot shark, 3 feet longer than jaws, washed up on shore.  While it probably isn’t advisable as this could easily turn into some kind of Sand-Shark incident, New London locals have quickly been going out to observe this beast—presumably while poking it with sticks and the like.

Most of my Jaws knowledge comes from either The Whitest Kids You Know parodies, or Kevin Smith talking about it non-stop and using it as a unit of measurement on his podcast, but from what little I know is I can easily conclude that this thing probably has children that are angry and entirely blame you for their parents’ death.  There were hundreds of people scared enough by that movie to not go into swimming pools, let alone open water, after that movie—my guess is that this should be enough to convince those people that they might want to start pooping outside and on the ground, away from any would be attackers.

Source: Washington Post