The Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 73: I Not. Really. Am. Think?

You know, anime

So Stark and I sit down and decide to go over what we have been doing in our lives over the last bit of time, because it has been long enough that that might as well be retro.  Also I force him to talk about anime because I have ingested an unholy amount of that substance recently as well, and I honestly think that is something that we can all have a good old time talking about.  We oddly talk about our growing love of Nintendo and our growing hatred of  Stark also mentions that he backed a kickstarter (the website can be found here), which just goes to show that if you make something perverted enough you can get anyone behind it.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 72: GOTY DOT CX

Not even mentioned

Yup, I am totally posting this way later than I should and probably to the point that everyone forgot that game of the year was a thing.  Don’t worry as it is probably the most game related cast of all time, and you can actually hear the two of us talk about something that we enjoy instead of things that we kind of vaguely remember as well as long tangents that have nothing to do with modern life at all.

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Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 71: Not the Octopus



Hello and good morning everyone.  Today is a grand day because we have a brand new Spoony Bard Podcast for you, and it is about the best game in the world Disgaea!  Stark and I sit down and have an almost focused conversation about the history, the highs, the lows, the best and the even betters of the franchise.  If you think this is just a plow to spend an entire episode talking about the newest game, which just came out a couple of weeks ago, you would be about 100% correct.  Not to worry though, we also talk a bit about the new Pokemon game that just came out as well as the new Tales of game.  Remember to hit us up on iTunes for a review, because it really does help and let us know what you think in the comments.  You can also email us if you want your shit to be read on the show.


The Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 70: Great Landing, Great, Great Landing

Great, Just Great

Stark and I are back at it again, this time, again, it is more of my fault.  Work ended up getting away with me, as did vacation and the like.  I am sure that no one wants to hear excuses as much as they want to hear the next podcast, so that is what I am going to give them.

This time we talk about many things, but first of which is Pilotwings for the SNES and other systems.  We also talk about rocket belts and the club that you get into when you fly one of those in real life and how Stark doesn’t seem to believe half the things that I say at a time.  All in all we are back and hoping to make this happen more regularly then we have been ignoring it.


I am calling it fan art even though Casey kind of works for the site.  He doesn’t pod with us, even though he streams and draws.  Screw you.  This was amazing and made my day:

Probably the best landing