Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 69: Xboned

Pretty much like this


So Stark and I are at it again, this time we talk about E3.  At the time of recording this stuff was relevant.  It meant something.  Granted, not much has really changed since the recording.  Microsoft has given an inch but still decided that it will fuck anyone that decides to step out of line.  Aside from that we also go off topic in some of the most wonderful ways ever created.  We recorded this awhile ago, but if you listen to our streams at all, which are only not being posted here because instead of being long periods of uninterupted awesome are now broken up pieces of sadness, he still brings up as a major concern.  He thinks that the people offering him the billion dollars are going to force him to take it, one way or another.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 68: Night Time Neptunia



I started off calling this episode 67, it is 68.  I am sorry.  I just had just left work and looked it up during my lunch break.  I am sorry.

If I told you that this pod went off the tracks moments after it started I would be lying to you.  I think the problem is that when we don’t record for lengths of time we just have crazy ideas of things that we should tell the world.  Everything from the worst porn experiences that we could think about to… well pretty much anything that wasn’t edgy mascot games, which was the topic.  I think we can all agree that I hate mascot games and Stark.  I have since watched the third EVA movie, 3.33, and I still stand by saying that I would rather have been home then hanging out with him recording–even though it was kind of a confusing train wreck of a movie.

So Stark’s birthday is coming up on the 17th.  We are going to be doing a live event at his apartment where we drink way too much and play video games.  It came up that if anyone wanted to donate they could.  I will be putting in a donation link at the bottom if you want to buy him booze.  We will drink it on the stream, with a webcam on us.  You are allowed to tell us what to buy if you donate, or pretty much if you leave a comment.  Please keep in mind that we will try to buy it, but if we can’t find it please tell us what shelf too buy off instead (basement bottom shelf, for example, or Top Tier Awesome).


This Week in Stream: 4/19/13

Moon.  Always pick the moon.

Gillman and Zack are at it again! This week we are playing Duck Tales 1 and 2 for the NES, along with the re-releases on GameBoy. We provide our color commentary and thoughts about how just terrible I am at these games. Let us know what you think and feel in the comments!

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Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode…. 67?: We learned NOTHING



I went into these games expecting, at best, to learn something about debilitating illnesses/flossing; I came out with a new hero.  His name is Rex Ronan and he can cure ANYTHING with his mixture of not caring, combat rolls, and magic lasers.  In his free time he punches holes in reality to other worlds, just so teach them how to party on a level that we feels is acceptable.  I heard that he is not only best friends with Slash, but he is the reason that Guns and Roses broke up; Axel Rose isn’t nearly as cool.  They had to make the game that he was in unplayable and confusing because if it was based on his real life no one would do anything besides play it and wish fondly that he was there dad.


This Week in Stream: 4/13/13


This week Gillman and Zack attack Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch!  We talk to our fans in the chat room and discuss important things in life, like why frogs can’t open chests, why decoding things in games is hard to do, and why Gillman always really quickly goes to odd, dark humor.  Let us know what you think in the comments or by following us on twitch!

Don’t worry, this is for all of you out there that wonder what it is like when I doing something that I try to be serious during.  The answer is some kind of weird joke that treats women like objects that no one else gets.  Check out Mygamer.com for more of the same attempts by me.

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