Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 38: We are Nintendo, You cannot Beat Us!

Oddly this week seems to have been kind of a hard conversation to have, even though we rarely have trouble talking about anything ever, as it was about an entire system that we have already talked so much and so long at length about.  Needless to say we do go on for awhile, and bring up a great deal of memories and awesome that had to do with the system.  We also talk about the new Deus Ex game for awhile as well, so there is that too.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 37: This One’s About Anime, Deal with It

Stark and I recorded a podcast.  It is long.  I knew that something was awry when Stark started the pre-cast conversation by referring to what we were about to do as “the podcast of his dreams”.   Something else seemed to be up as he seemingly had nothing to say in that prep conversation, and even told me that he brought notes.  For someone that I have struggled to get an hour long “podcast friendly” conversation out of, he came to play.  Try as I might I could not shake him from talking about anime.  If you are looking for an expert on the subject, I think that we found ourselves one.

You guys wanted to hear about anime, and we did that for you.  From our introduction in middle/high school all the way to current, we talk about everything noteworthy about our lives and anime.