Science Finds another More Awesome Planet

So for about the last century there has been talk about a possible 10th planet hanging out in the solar system, (Pluto will always be a planet to me, get over it) and this one isn’t a planetoid like all those other lumps that made news a couple of years ago—this one is thought to have about four times that mass of Earth.  This planet hasn’t been spotted, but the orbits of other planets have been studied enough that someone followed through so very much math and figured out that something, and something big, is messing with their orbits.  The only problem is that the object is probably so distant that it can’t be seen with any satellites on Earth, which would mean borrowing the Hubble or something akin to it to find it.

This is one of those stories that reminds me why I was very unpopular as a child; when we were going through all of the planet names and trying to remember some dumb rhyme to know their order I was reading books talking about people who insisted basically the same thing and demanding to include it in our lessons.  The difference between then and now is that people are trying to avoid calling this discovery Planet X as it most certainly isn’t populated by angst riddled skateboarding turtles.  The problem that can be deduced from all of this is this, we know almost nothing about any planet other than ours, and less the farther they get away from us.  Even if there is a planet out there nothing we can do to research it will yield results for about 20 years.

Source: MSNBC

NASA Denies Video Evidence of UFO

A satellite watching the Sun has recently picked up a rather large object that appears to have a tendril reaching into our Star’s center and extracting plasma.  The first, and clearly natural, reaction of everyone on YouTube is that this is an UFO that is only doing a quick stop over before probably leaving the solar system forever—think the USS enterprise ignoring the undeveloped people to just grab some goods and go. Pretty much every scientist familiar with the Sun who has even looked at this for a moment has come to the same exact conclusion, that is a prominence and it is not only entirely not exciting it is kind of normal.  Oddly the only real news that might come out of this is that it is the first time that anyone on YouTube has noticed one of these things.

My favorite thread of logic from all of this is that this is the birth of a new planet, because, you know, that is how they are made – randomly and pretty much in the blink of an eye while the government tries to cover them up.  If we are making random suggestions why don’t we go all old school and suggest that this is from counter Earth and it is the weird bug creatures that rule over that planet like gods gathering energy to make sure that the people of their planet remain suppressed and depressed for the rest of forever/to fight their other worldly rivals of alien things (bonus points if you got the Gor reference).

Source: Huffington Post