The Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 73: I Not. Really. Am. Think?

You know, anime

So Stark and I sit down and decide to go over what we have been doing in our lives over the last bit of time, because it has been long enough that that might as well be retro.  Also I force him to talk about anime because I have ingested an unholy amount of that substance recently as well, and I honestly think that is something that we can all have a good old time talking about.  We oddly talk about our growing love of Nintendo and our growing hatred of  Stark also mentions that he backed a kickstarter (the website can be found here), which just goes to show that if you make something perverted enough you can get anyone behind it.


Awesome New Fighting Game Site: Betting Included

If you are wondering, Saske wins because HE IS CHEAP

So for a really long time there has been an open source fighting game engine out there called “mugen”, which I am told means “infinite” in Japanese, where people can create their own character and basically make the fantasy fighting game of their dreams play out in a 2D sprite based game.  I am not really one to judge, but whatever.  The reason I bring this up now, as this game has been out for years at this point, is that someone decided to start a twitch channel running the game with every single character they could find–then allow people to place fake money on who will win.  It sounds like watching a crazy MS Paint version of what someone thinks Trunks+Vegeta at level 4 super sayen will look like, but it is even better to watch that character get destroyed by Barney’s power of love.

The site is free to sign up for, although it has a paid option if you want to basically either donate or raise the min. amount of fake money you can have at any point.  The chat room is your standard insanity and worthlessness fest, even though it is hard to turn off because they do randomly through out good advice about characters–even if it is hidden in thousands of posts of garbage.

You can find the site here.