Blizzard Screws up Diablo III’s Launch

Diablo III is out, and to be honest with everyone I am jealous that I do not have it due to brokenness.  That said I might just be happy that I missed out on this one as it seems that many people are simply having issues playing the game.  Blizzard’s new security basically requires that players connect to the internet whenever they are playing the game, so even if they are in an offline-single player game they must have a connection to keep playing.  This might seem like a huge issue to most people, but for a game that is mostly a single player game with some co-op thrown in it seems odd to be getting sever connection issues.

At this point any game that requires people to connect to the internet to play always seems to have issues on day one of release, although it seems that more and more of them are starting to punish the players on their failure of an anti-piracy system instead of just trying to find a way for people to enjoy the game on possibly the most interesting and active days of its existence.  There is a certain rush of not being able to go to GameFaqs and look up information and relying more on message board guesses that is being stripped away from people who are taking days off of work to have.

Source: Evil Avatar