Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 49: Zombies I Guess

In this amazing episode Stark and I start off talking about older PC games, how much computers suck, how old we are, and dial up modems.  We then ramble on for two hours about things ranging from Diablo 3 to what random anime stark wants us all to watch but we all will forget the name of as soon as he stops saying it (I know I did).  Don’t worry, we even have new story time for those of you who used to enjoy the horse porn tales of days past.  I would be lying to all of you if I said this pod didn’t have a little something for everyone, I don’t know if that something is a good thing that would be enjoyed or not, but you can’t really complain with this turn time on things.


Elder Scrolls Finally Getting an MMO

One of the most common complaints about Skyrim was that it had no multiplayer to speak of, and for those out there that might remember back in time that was also a complaint of Oblivion as well as Morrowind –even though almost no one even remembers that game.  It turns out that Bethesda, the people that make the Elder Scrolls games, have announced that their next project in that universe is going to be an MMO for the PC and Mac.  From the information that I am currently seeing there is no release date that has been brought up, but considering how long it normally is after they announce one of their projects, do not hold your breath for this to be out any time soon.

Personally, I have almost no interest in an Elder Scrolls game where I have to interact with other human beings.               The thought of anyone watering down the world that Elder Scrolls takes place in is kind of depressing, the entire point of playing it – for me—has been that my actions throughout the world change people’s lives and how they go about their daily business.  Adding other people it there would wreck the illusion.  That said, it isn’t like half the NPC’s in the game even react differently to you when you are a leader of all three guilds and killed all of the dragons.

Source: Gamasutra  (via next month’s Game Informer cover)