Mygamer Streaming Cast Awesome Blast! Firefall!

Yeah, tons of fetch quests, don't worry. Join Gillman and Zack as they play through the long awaited, long since announce, MMOFPSRPG Firefall. If you don’t know much about it, don’t worry, neither did Zack. Join us on our education of this new and mystical game. Watch live video from Varms on Twitch

The Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 54: Fuck Cali Fornia, She is a Shitty Sound Engineer

I heard that some of you out there like podcasts.  That is good, because Stark and I have one of those that we make a very valid attempt to do most weeks.

This week we talk about EVO: The Search for Eden, a game that I remember very fondly and that Stark had never played before I told him a couple of days ago that we were going to talk about it before we podcasted.  Whatever, I think it went over pretty well.  We also talk about me playing Final Fantasy XI, Stark’s new smart phone games, and some anime before things devolve to use trying to find a way to end the cast.  Let us know what you think in the comments.