Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 63: The Calender was a Lie

So this is a little late due to various and stupid real life things, but none the less the game of the year podcast with Stark and I is up and ready for a good solid listening too!  What we end up selecting for a favorite game is not something that either of us really expected to be talking about, but when you have a conversation and want to come to some kind of agreement then I guess the one game both of us played for an insane amount of time is the winner. We also have a ton of other game based talk, but we mainly try to stay within the confines of the GoTY award.

We ended up having some weird audio problems, but it was kind of sorted out by the end of the pod. Hope you all enjoy.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 61: None of These were Very Good

Stark and I go out of our way to talk about indie games for most of the episode.  I don’t know if you can tell from the title, but Stark didn’t think that many of the games were very good.  That could be because almost all of them are per-release states right now, and it could just be that they are going to suck forever–you be the judge of that kind of thing. Among the titles were Steam Marines, Dungeon Explorers, and a couple others.  I also talk about Harvest moon for awhile, but you know what, Stark can talk at length about Moe kills the least that I can do is try and make everyone sleep talking about taking care of cows and what have you.