5 Ecchi Anime Series That Push the Limits

Ecchi is a genre of anime that is packed with fan service and perverse humor, yet is not pornographic, like hentai anime.  Gillman actually has an awesome analogy to explain this:  Ecchi is to “Porky’s” as hentai is “Debbie Does Dallas.”  No matter how “pure” an anime fan one claims to be, chances are they have explored the sexier side of anime at one time or another.  For this article I will be looking at five anime shows that push the ecchi genre (and Japanese TV censors) to the extreme.  And for all you naughty employees that have decided to read an article about ecchi shows at work, don’t sweat it- I’ve gone out of my way to write this to be safe for work.  Enjoy!

5.  Strike Witches (2 Seasons)

Fans of the “Spoony Bard” podcast may be surprised that this show is on this list.  In Spoony Bard, Episode 35, I mention my encounter with an anime fan that insists this show was as good as the anime classic, “Neon Genesis Evangelion:” From there I mention how such a notion is pure madness, and I negatively criticize Strike Witches for being silly and having a cast containing a few girls that are too young for my taste.  Placing a show like this on the same pedestal as a renowned classic such as Evangelion is pretty crazy.  (This segment of the podcast also made it our most “controversial” podcast of all time, resulting in a zealous fan suggesting Japan should be nuked in order to purge the fans of catgirls and lolicon.)

However, this show was never meant to be an action-packed, psychological, thrill ride to be showered with awards.  This is a show about an all-girl fighter squad that battles aliens in an alternate reality version of World War II, with each girl resembling and ace fighter pilot and an aircraft from the war.  Oh, and none of them wear pants—EVER.  This show mashes together several anime fetishes, then tosses them at its viewers:  animal ears and tails, panties, mecha-girls, bathing scenes, yuri overtones… it’s all there.  This ain’t no Evangelion, but it will deliver enough cuteness and fan service to kill an elephant.  It should also be mentioned that Strike Witches fans are a force to be reckoned with.

4.  Heaven’s Lost Property (2 Seasons)

Heaven’s Lost Property is a good example of how ecchi comedy is done right.  This show has one of the best male leads in an ecchi comedy, the ultra-perverted Tomoki.  Tomoki is a dirty minded high school student that has his life turned upside down when he encounters Ikaros, a “pet class angeloid” that falls from the sky, claiming that Tomoki is her new master, and she will obey any of his commands.

The situation gets even crazier over time, as Tomoki uses the advanced technology of the hidden world Ikaros came from for his perverted antics, making for some hilarious moments.  Over the course of the two seasons, Tomoki and Ikaros are joined with two other angeloids, the cute, yet cold Nymph, and the curvy, powerful, yet bumbling, Astraea.  As an added bonus, behind the fan service and comedy there is actually a somewhat interesting storyline, as well as some very cool fight scenes.

3.  Highschool of The Dead

Most ecchi anime is based around comedy, but HOTD takes the genre in a different direction through horror and violence.  HOTD is very much like a Japanese take on the American slasher flicks, but instead of horny teens getting killed for sinful behavior, it features a group of teens fighting off hordes of zombies in an endless assault of violence, panty shots, and bouncing boobs.  Not only does this show deliver in the perversion department, but I will even go far enough that it’s tale of survival in zombie apocalypse is more entertaining than TV’s “The Walking Dead.”

That’s right folks; I have gone so far as to say that an animated show about girls with big boobs fighting zombies is better than one of the most popular shows on western television.  Why?  The girls of HOTD may be there to supply perverse eye candy, but they still manage to do a better job of kicking zombie ass than any of the “delicate flowers” in the female cast of The Walking Dead.  HOTD is a visual feast of breathtaking action mixed with non-stop fan service that will keep any anime fan glued to the screen, no matter how “sophisticated” they claim to be.

2.  To Love Ru (2 Seasons)

To Love Ru seems to start off like a typical harem anime, similar to shows like “Tenchi Muyo,” and “Girls Bravo.”  However, TLR shakes things up a bit by taking things to the next level.  TLR is one of the most extreme shows in the ecchi genre, leaving no fetish or cliché behind.

TLR is a show that does not deny what it truly is: nothing more than an excuse for sexy girls to wind up in sexy situations.  TLR is a goofball harem comedy about hot alien girls in high school, with a nonstop barrage of fan service and nudity.  One of the awesome things about TLR is the fact that this show is not shy about anything, and over the run of both seasons they will cover almost every fetish that exists in anime, to the maximum limit of what can be shown on Japanese television.  Of all the anime I have seen, only one show goes further than this…

1.  Highschool DxD (1 Season- For Now)

Highschool DxD is the grand champion of all ecchi shows.  The opening sequence instantly shows most of the female cast topless, and the ending of each episode shows most of the female cast dancing on stripper poles.  This show does not mess around.  It is so jam-packed full of nudity, I have no idea how even the most liberal Japanese censors let this go onto late night television.  This is a show that pushes Japanese decency standards to the limit.

Highschool DxD is the tale of a perverse boy named Issei that is brutally murdered during his first date by a fallen angel.  He is then revived as a demon by a clan of powerful devils that also happen to be the most beautiful girls in his school.  This anime is about the battles between demons, angels, fallen angels, and members of the church, but also just as much about clothes that shred apart in combat, big boobs, and nudity.  If anyone watches one episode of this show for at least 10 minutes and does not see at least one of the girls topless, then they have watched this show blindfolded.  Highschool DxD is one of the best ecchi shows that anime has to offer, filled with laughs, hot girls, and perverse antics, not to mention some awesome fight scenes as well.

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