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I think they wanted something "welcoming"

Do you like trying to live in harsh conditions in video games while you live a wonderful life in the first world? Would you like to know what it feels like to be hunted by cannibal mutants who only desires to devour you and and your most loved ones? Don’t worry, Gillman and Zack have you covered with their look at The Forest.

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The Walking Dead: The Game: The Review

The Walking Dead is a long running comic book series that has the misfortune of being simply amazingly written while at the same time having a TV show based on it that has never really understood the tone of the comics.  Given the continued vitriol the internet has recently found against the show, and the way that the last game by this publisher (Jurassic Park) was received expectations of this game were expectedly low.  Happily that made the entire experience that much more enjoyable when nothing about this game was awful at all.

The first, and most striking, aspect of the game is the art style.  Everything is cell-shaded to look like the characters from the comic book and looks simply amazing, which is interesting because this is built on the aging Telltale engine that has been kicking for almost a decade at this point. Even without that consideration made this game looks fantastic, and from start to finish it remained impressive looking.

The Walking Dead also manages to escape all of the common adventure game trappings of needing to find random objects and combine them to proceed.  Most of the environments in the game are small and don’t require most puzzle solving, and when they do most of the time the characters in the game either know exactly how to proceed and inform the play as such or the solution is as simple as glancing over the world for interaction points.

Even though the world is populated by the living dead most of the action in the game comes from the dialog choices presented to the player, as they are all timed.  This might not seem like much as most games have done this in the past, but the results are what really define the game.  Most of the time when a choice is given in a speech tree it directly impacts how the NPCs of the world interact with the avatar, so instead of taking time and reading each choice carefully there is a real sense of having to think on the fly.  The way that the game only allows auto saves means that while the game can be reset to a previous state there is going to be some content that has to be played between choices, so most decisions have to be lived with.

The voice acting is on par with almost all of the other games from Telltale as well; which is to say amazing.  The content of the game could very easily be construed to be that of a B movie and largely hammed up, but it is good to see that while the TV series might not really understand character development this game does.

This game falls into line with the old purchasing structure of the old Telltale model, the episodes have to be purchased as they come out monthly.  The first episode (of five) goes for five dollars, which is pretty reasonable.  This will probably mean that the total series will end up costing about 25 dollars, and since the first game ran me just over two hours long the series will probably end up between 10 and 12 hours.  That said I think I played this game in one sitting, which might not sound like much but I thought that I had only been playing for a quarter of that time.  This might be the best game that Telltale has put out yet.

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Study Finds Zombies Impossible, Vampires Real

Fans of the living dead brain eaters should take another look at their past time, as science has recently proven that things rising up from the dead to attack the living is not only impossible but is also stupid.  The study was conducted over the last five years and scientists and their interns claim that, “[they] have tried just about everything to make this corpse eat our flesh, it just ain’t biting though.”  Fans of Dracula should rejoice, because through their mainly experiment they seemed to have found out how to become a Vampire.

“The off-shoot of the Vampire research was just something that blew our minds; it wasn’t even anything we did.  It turns out that lasers fired at the correct frequency annoy them greatly, we wouldn’t have known if a group of them hadn’t come into the lab last week and asked us to stop.”  The last seven days of research has turned out that the Twilight series of books is the only correct one, as all vampires are super human creatures that have no disadvantage of being.

When the lead teenage boy was asked why they haven’t bestowed the gift on more people he simply replied, “Because screw you, that is why.  Isn’t it enough that you know lasers are passingly almost annoying to us?  That is all we had left after the amazing movie Breaking Dawn.”

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Movies that Hate Your Soul: Episode 1: Troll 2

Our newest podcast, thrown out into the world for all of our wonderful fans who hate themselves as much as they love to watch terrible horrible movies.  To start things off, with the first official pod and not just our test run, we turn to the ever wonderful Troll 2.  The starting instructions are in the beginning of the pod.  Please keep in mind that we are still trying to fine tune the pod, but besides that let us know if you have any suggestions for movies or anything that even resembles content!


Spoony Bard Special: The Stuff Commentary

The first episode of the as yet named podcast where we watch terrible movies on netflix streaming and record a commentary track for anyone who is foolish enough to listen to the humor.

This week we watched “The Stuff” a movie so horrible that it at the end it doesn’t even try to hide the fact that it is racist.  Add to that the bad guy in the movie literally being a plastic container of Marshmallow Fluff and you kind of have something that most people would normally walk away from if they saw in a store or heard recommended.  We man up and sit through it so you can feel like you aren’t just drinking with alone to get through it.