For the Love of Ecchi: A List of Modern Marvels, Beloved Classics, and Hidden Gems

If you’re reading this article right now, there is little doubt that your web search landed you here for one reason: a love for 2D girls.  The previous articles I have written about ecchi anime have had mixed results; some fans became enraged that I did not include one of their favorite shows in the lists, or simply became upset with the manner in which I “ranked” them.  But every now and then a reader would come out with words of praise for introducing them to an anime they have not known about.  This article is for those kinds of people.  Manly men (and maybe some women out there?) with a thirst for cute girls, bouncy boobs, striped panties, over the top harem fantasies, and all the other wonders that can only be realized in glorious 2D.  The following list of ecchi anime is a handful of shows I enjoyed, both old and new, along with a few suggestions from previous readers included for good measure; all in hopes that someone out there may find a show they have never seen before for their enjoyment.

Asobi ni iko Yo!  (Let’s go Play!)
AKA: Cat Planet Cuties (Really, Funimation?)
I would gladly submit to a Catian invasion.

Here is a sci-fi/comedy that tends to be overlooked by anime fans.  The story is about a boy named Kio that becomes involved with an alien from the planet Catia, and the adventures that follow.  The important thing to mention is that the alien he meets is a sexy cat girl named Eris, and his other love interests include a busty CIA agent in training and an ex-government agent with teleportation abilities.  This show follows typical harem antics while exploring the entire cat girl fetish, and there is some awesome action to tie everything together.

Futari Ecchi
AKA: Step up Love Story
Yes, this is a manga to help you get girls.

This series is one I have hesitated to place in previous ecchi articles because I pretty much classify it as softcore porn.  I decided to include it in this article this time around because of reader feedback and the fact that this has a rather interesting history.  Futari Ecchi started off as a manga with a two-fold purpose.  It was meant to be a “how-to” guide for people starting romantic endeavors for the first time, while also telling an entertaining story.   The original manga even included real-life facts, techniques, and statistics, and eventually spun off into a 4 episode anime OVA and several live-action series.  Despite the very heavy-handed erotic content, the anime presents an entertaining, romantic, and dare I say it, cute story of the beginnings of a married couple.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (The Great Demon King in the Back Row)
AKA:  Demon King Daimao (Another bad English name, because Daimaou already means “demon king”)
It’s good to be king.

The world of this anime is a fairly interesting one, taking place in an era where magic and technology have become one and the same.  This sort of thing has been done before, but never with such sexy results.  The story centers on Akuto Sai, a student entering a prestigious Clergy academy in hopes of making the world a better place.  When one of the sages in the school predicts that Akuto’s future profession is that of a Demon King, his life is turned upside down.  While this seems like a bad thing, he actually ends up gathering a group of sexy magical girls of assorted abilites that follow him, a cute android girl that watches over him, and a really badass dragon.  This anime is one my favorite harem comedies of all time, so it’s worth checking out if this is your thing.

Fox deities are the best deities.

Stories of deities and other assorted spirits and gods are nothing new to anime.  Kanokon dares to ask the question: why can’t they be sexy?  Kanokon is about a student named Kouta that is constantly chased by his classmate, Chizuru.  Chizuru not only has a pretty big rack for a high-school girl, she also happens to be a powerful fox spirit.  The anime is full of mysticism and oddities, but the highlight is in the fact that Chizuru will attempt to force herself on Kouta ANYTIME, and ANYWHERE.  The anime was done by studio Xebec, a studio known for having a knack for animating voluptuous girls.

Koe de Oshigoto
How lewd!

Just as Hollywood has made a few films that look into the inner workings of the porn industry, Koe de Oshigoto is a story about Japan’s eroge (erotic video game) industry.  On her 16th birthday, Kanna Aoyagi is approached by her sister to do some voice acting work at the game company she works for.  The catch is, her sister is in the business of making erotic video games.  This isn’t technically considered to be an ecchi anime, but the sexual content in this short pair of OVA’s can put an entire ecchi series to shame.  This show is short, sweet, and fun for ecchi fans, and a must see for eroge players.

Queen’s Blade
Would you let them rule your kingdom?

Queen’s Blade started off as a series of “game books” that work something like a “choose your own adventure” kind of book, a sort of combination of a novel and a tabletop game.  The overall story surrounds a land where a tournament known as “Queen’s Blade” is held every 4 years in order to pick the new ruler of the kingdom.  This franchise has spawned a multimedia empire of books, anime, manga, and video games.  Queen’s Blade combines high fantasy, awesome fighting, and exploration of a wide variety of 2D fetishes to create a guilty pleasure few can resist.  Clearly a must see for any ecchi fan, but it is so good I’d go far enough to say any anime fan with an open mind should check it out.   There are 3 TV series and a handful of OVA’s and even a few crossover specials, so there is plenty of content for anime viewers.

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Sekirei combines the idea of harem anime with Pokémon.  The “sekirei” are girls with superhuman abilities born from alien technology, forced to fight in a tournament by a madman who runs a powerful conglomerate.  Humans known as “Ashikabi” are able to gather Sekirei to serve them while empowering their abilities, in other words, Ashikabi have a harem of hot girls battle for them.   Sekirei puts an interesting twist on many of the typical tropes found in harem comedies, and the awesome fights almost never stop coming.  The anime is a blast to watch, but fans of the manga clearly hold the advantage considering how little of the story the two anime seasons cover.

Senran Kagura
Ninjas+Boobs= Awesome

This anime aired very recently, and was featured in my weekly anime article here at Varms.  Senran Kagura is based on a series of video games that unfortunately have yet to make it to the west, despite a growing demand for them.  The story is about a group of high-school girls undergoing ninja training in secret, and the battles between the factions of light and darkness.  The games and the anime present a simple but effective formula of sexy, busty ninja girls fighting each other for various reasons, and the result is nothing but purified awesomeness.  The anime is loaded with action, comedy, and clothes that easily rip during battle.  The only drawback to getting into this anime is the fact that you will want the video games to come over to the west, something that isn’t likely to happen.

Maybe I should start watching Tennis…

Softenni is about cute girls in a “soft” tennis club.  Before you think this is the typical sports anime, you would do well to know that this is a sports anime that is filled with comedy and perversion, and that is why it is great.  Softenni never takes itself seriously; this show is full of just about every flavor of anime humor, ranging from perverse to parody.  While this show is filled to the brim with ecchi content, the comedy is the real charm of this show.  This anime is completely depraved and ridiculously hilarious, a winning combination.

Vividred Operation
Cute girls, cute butts, alternative energy.  What more could you want?

Vividred is another show that I featured in my weekly anime round-up.  This show is about a group of girls that transform into “Palette Suits” to battle giant aliens known as “Alone”; beings determined to destroy the world’s revolutionary power supply, the Incarnate Engine.   Vividred is all about fanservice, and not just the sexy kind.  No other anime offers the opportunity to see high-tech magical girls fighting alongside fighter jets and naval fleets.  This show’s adorable character designs, incredible action scenes, light-hearted comedy, and truckloads of fanservice aimed at ecchi otaku and military otaku combine together to make one of the most fun shows of 2013.