Australian Retailer Makes Shoppers Pay for Using Obsolete Web Browser

One retailer has become fed up with making sure its website is compatible with ancient web browsers. Kogan is an Australian electronics store that recently placed a “tax” on shoppers that are using Internet Explorer 7 (and possibly any earlier versions). The extra charge is 6.8% and the retailer claims it is doing this to cut the cost of keeping the website compatible with browsers old and new.

Kogan has an image in place to explain the tax and mentions shoppers can avoid the tax by “using a better browser”.  The lineup of icons that represent better browsers includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, but there is no logo for Internet Explorer to be found.  While some people may feel insulted by this policy, I think it’s a hilarious way to convince some stubborn web surfers to “get with the times”.


XBOX Rumored to be Getting Internet Explorer

For those of us that can’t wait until next month for some amazing rumors, it seems that Microsoft will be launching a version of Internet Explorer for the XBOX 360 at some point in the near future.  While this might not seem that Earth shattering to anyone out there, as the PS3, Wii, and most handhelds have been able to surf the net for years at this point, it is an interesting side note that the 360 is just now getting around to adding functionality that every other platform, and phone, has had for the last five-ish years.

This move also seems to follow more of the stance that Microsoft has been taking with the console as of late, meaning that they are pushing it farther away from a gaming system and something that people use as a broad stroke for entertainment.  It is kind of odd to think about something like this just breaking at the end of the life-cycle of the system, mainly because I rarely turn on my 360 at this point and have cancelled my Live account from renewing—everything that I enjoyed doing on that system seems to be handled rather poorly at this point and I am oddly playing my Wii more than it.

Source: Slash Gear