UK Bill Wants ISP’s To Filter Internet Porn

The UK parliament, also known by the very epic sounding name of “The House of Lords”, has presented a bill known as the “online safety bill”.  This bill would demand that ISP’s and mobile broadband services offer services filter pornography from the internet.  The bill also expects the makers of any device that connects to the internet modify the devices to filter porn right at the time of purchase.

Critics of the bill think that these measures will only give parents a false sense of security, and find the bill to be unnecessary.  This is yet another example of government not understanding technology, since any measure to filter adult content on the internet could never possibly catch all of it, since this content is constantly created and distributed.  Should this bill pass, adolescent British children will have to discover porn the old-fashioned way, by raiding Daddy’s magazine stash of “Naughty Bums Illustrated.”