Life on Other Planets besides Mars

For dozens of years now mankind has been convinced that it might be able to prove the existence of life on Mars. As it turns out, it might have been looking in the wrong direction. New photos of Titan (one of Saturn’s moons) reveal that there is a good chance that life has been forming there. At this point the evidence seems to only point to very low levels of life, probably single cells at best, but even if it doesn’t have aliens, it still seems interesting enough to continue investigating. The reason for all of this speculation is massive lakes of methane that have pooled throughout the moon and interesting weather patterns. Due to the location and activity of this liquidized gas, scientists believe it might be a good sign of life.

People have often thought that one of Jupiter’s moons might have good conditions for the formation of life, and theories are always bouncing around about Mars. It seems interesting that the more we look at the solar system around us, the more that it looks like all kinds of conditions are favorable for the formation of life. Who knows — maybe in 100 years we will be able to find out we are not as unique as we once thought. Also, it would be pretty sweet to watch a methane rainstorm. Although it would probably smell.

Source: Wired

Mars Mission Discovers Life, 40 Years Ago

One of the first probes that was ever sent to Mars was equipped with a cornucopia of cutting edge science based things.  There were several instruments on the device designed to detect if there was life on the probably dead planet. It came as a surprise to most people when the first process came back with the result of, “yeah, this is totally life” and was quickly debunked when the rest of the tests managed to show nothing like that.  Throughout the years people have just forgotten about this event; that is until recently.

Enter the University of Southern California and their determination that this needed to be studied further.  Before it had been simply written off as an anomaly of testing and that the soil of Mars didn’t really contain any life at all, so a neurobiologist decided to run the same series of events on life found on Earth.  Not only did several of the life forms tested show the same exact results (including one less than microbe sized lab rat), but in the same way that everything unfolded on the surface of Mars.  While not the awesome evidence proving that life will exist if given even a small chance, it still pretty much shows that there probably is life on Mars—sadly just not in the way that people will let you win an argument with.

Source: Popular Science: Australia