Mygamer Streaming Cast Awesome Blast! Mercenary Kings

 The game stark hates

We have been a little light on content over here, and I lost the last Saturday stream on twitch for some weird reason, so I thought I would cross post my recent Mygamer stream over here for the Varms fans.  Tell me if you like it enough for me to keep doing it.  As always I can post the files for download if you want them on the go, or you are weird like that.

 After an hour of play I manage to beat one level

Zack and Gillman come back this week, all be it a little late, to play a chunk of the mid-game experience that is Mercenary Kings! Gillman recounts that he has no idea what he is doing on grounds that the game has been in pre-release for so long it is impossible to retain any good knowledge. Zack is a good sport and tries not to laugh, at him, and the talks falls apart into other current releases.  Sound off in the comments if you have any suggestions, or even ideas of what to stream for the upcoming weeks.

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This Week in Stream: 7/27/13

I don't care what Stark says, I like this game


This week on the Spoony Bard stream Stark and I get drunk and talk trash about pretty much everything we can think about.  Due to my terrible internet connection the stream is split into three larger parts.  Considering that we go for about four hours I don’t think it ends up being that terrible.

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

On the other stream that I take part in, the Mygamer Radcast Visual Blast! we play through about half an hour of McPixel and get amazingly confused by the fact that the game doesn’t really seem to care about anything that is going on around it.  It is pure insanity the game.  Just for that it is kind of worth a watch.

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV