Kotaku Less Friend to Women, More a Friend to Money

Something like that

This is something that Stark and I have been talking about, off and on, for the last two years; the only thing that is surprising is that this is the first real attempt at anything I would call journalism to get my attention.  The topic is women in video games, the discussion is normally about how terrible they are treated.  When you talk to women who are really working in games they have surface level complaints, most of them resembling very closely those of the men (long work hours, time off isn’t great, pay is not competitive).  When you talk to journalists the conversation is about how they are treated like it is the new form of slavery.  I don’t want to go too into the article because it is worth a read on its own right, but I am going to point out that we did a comic about this years ago:

Everyone cares about the game first, regarldess of what has been reported

Honestly this is something that I am kind of happy to see, someone that put the footwork in and is more than willing to get the heat of people from it.  The truth is that it is a counter point to the only common thread of the last several of “game journalism”.  They make some logic leaps, but seem to end up at a reasonable enough spot most of the time.  It seems fair and balanced enough, even though I agreed with them before I read the article, and it is one of those things that makes me happy to see someone talking about and being well articulated about.  At this point I can only guess and hope that some random company scoops this person up before too long.

Source: N4G Blog

Google Hires Old TechTV Talent

If you are a fan of TechTV before it turned into the terrible G4TV, and was shortly dumped from all cable providers, you may remember Kevin Rose’s name from such shows as The Screen Savers, Attack of the Show, and –my favorite—Unscrewed. If you are a huge internet junkie, like me, you probably know him from digg or revision 3.  This marks the second time that Google has tried to acquire the young talent, as several years ago it tried to outright buy digg only to have the deal fall apart at the last minute.  In defense of the story Google ended up buying the entire team that he was working with, but it seems that they were probably more after him then everyone else.

It is hard to have anything outright against Mr. Rose, more that I have been always amazed at his talent to find investors in his projects.  At one point he was rumored to be worth more than a billion dollars, but considering what the new startup was recently sold for—reports are as high as 30 million dollars—I highly doubt that is any longer true.  It is kind of interesting that most of the talent from TechTV has gone from doing their own start-up internet based things to firmer, more real jobs, most of which in the last year—Rose is just the most recent example.

Source: All Things D