Varms Official Anime of the Year Rankings

It’s that time of year where we find the coolest stuff of any category and throw it together for the convenience of the internet.   Much like last year, most of the rules still apply, especially the fact that any contender has to have FINISHED this year.  Any show is best judged as a sum of its parts, so you won’t find anything in this list that is only halfway done.  This year gave us lots of great shows, and in light of that I have expanded the listing for this year up to 15 shows in total.

15)  Symphogear G
Terrorism has never had such a wonderful singing voice.

The first season of Symphogear made the “So Bad it’s So Good” rank on last year’s AOTY ranking.  This second romp through the idol infused world of Symphogear has taken a drastic turn for the awesome this year, making for a huge improvement this year.  Everything that made the original series watchable has been refined with incredible care, and the only drawback to this season is the fact that some very serious issues with animation quality pop up during the last couple episodes.  This show was lots of fun to watch, and with a third season officially greenlit, there is more fun to come.

14)  Vividred Operation
 They fight for justice, alternative energy, and sexy butts.

This show has received a lot of flack since it was expected to be Strike Witches:  Modern Warfare.  While it may not have been the epic ecchi show of the year everyone was hoping for, it is lots of fun to watch, and it panders to anime fans in all the right ways.   The best way to describe this show is “Iron Man meets Strike Witches.”  This show is all about cute girls defending the world’s alternative energy from alien invaders, and delivers an action-packed adventure full of goodness that anime otaku crave.  It may have fallen short of the heavy expectations of some viewers, but this show is a blast to watch and worth checking out if you are in the market for a good action/ecchi show.

13)  Kinero Mosaic
The moe has reached dangerous levels.

This lovely tale of friendship between different cultures and nations is one of the greatest slice of life shows to come around this year.   This anime does slice of life perfectly, with a blend of cute characters, bits of comedy, and a peaceful, yet fun, tone.  This show got me through some tough times in my personal life this year, and I had a great time watching it otherwise.  If you enjoy slice of life anime, this is a “must watch” to add to your list for this year.

12)  Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko
(The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat)
The supreme blend of moe and fun.

This is one of the year’s best comedies about a young man and the troubles in his life caused by an unusual cat god.  This show is both cute and hilarious, with a touch of ecchi that makes it more than worth checking out.  Fun fact:  a wayward google search has even given this show enough fame to appear in a skit on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.

Even the NSA knows Tsukiko is best girl.
11)  Kyoukai no Kanata
(Beyond the Horizon)
Monster hunting has never been so beautiful.

This is an otherwise excellent anime that has suffered from being forced through both a brutal hype machine and some very unreasonable scrutiny simply because it is a show made by Kyoto Animation.   Dubbed the “Monogatari Killer” since before it’s airing, this show has been unfairly judged by the get go.  Kyoani studios delivers a beautifully animated supernatural/action show with fun, charming characters, an interesting universe, and incredible artwork.  Ignore the negative buzz and studio fanboys, this show is more than worth a look.

10)  Outbreak Company
Being a hikikomori has never been so awesome.

This anime is about an otaku outcast that is given the job of a lifetime:  the opportunity to spread otaku culture to an alternative realm of magic and fantasy.  This is the kind of anime that appeals most to those that keep up with anime otaku culture and everything that goes with it, but if you keep up with anime in general you will have a great time watching this.  This show has a mix of great characters, comedy, fanservice, and other assorted bits of otaku fun to make for awesome entertainment.

9)  Date A Live
The insanity of anime, condensed into one great package.

Date a Live sets out to take the harem trope commonly found in anime and do something amazing with it.  This show does so with laser-guided precision, and the results are nothing short of fantastic.  The absurd, yet very fun concept of having the main character swoon cute and deadly girls for the sake of saving the world is loads of fun to watch, and Tsunako’s (the character designer from the Hyperdimention Neptunia games) lovely character designs bring everything to life.  With a second season on the way, the life of anime fans couldn’t be better.

8)  Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san
(Muromi by the Sea Shore)
Crack open some cold ones, it’s time for Muromi-san.

If you somehow mashed “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” with an anime about mythical creatures, Muromi-san is what you would get.  This show is an unapologetic comedy about drunken mermaids and other assorted mythical creatures screwing around, and it is nothing short of pure hilarity.  This anime is guaranteed to make you laugh your ass off, and it has to be one of the best anime comedies of all time.

7)  GJ-Bu
You will never have an extracurricular club as fun as this one.

GJ Bu was yet another awesome slice of life anime from this year.  This anime does everything that makes slice of life anime great, with a wonderful blend of amusing characters and its own brand of comedy.   The end of this show only left me feeling sad that it was over, and taught us all that the art of hair brushing is one of the best ways to win the hearts of women.

6)  Hataraku Maou-sama!
(The Devil is a Part-Timer!)

A fast-food gig has never been so epic.

This is the story of an infamous demon overlord that finds his way into our world, and is forced to bend to the whims of our brutal modern economy.  This show treats us to a hilarious satire on modern life for those of us barely scraping by, with a touch of might and magic.  If Kevin Smith were to produce an anime, this is what you would get, minus the pot smoking.   Maou-sama is a delightful mix of comedy, slice of life, fantasy, and romance that offers much more than meets the eye.

5)  Shin Sekai Yori
(From the New World)
Why do psychics always go on a killing spree when they discover their powers?

In the beginning, this show seemed like a strange trip through a confusing and convoluted world.  The sum of the events through this show are what make up the meat and bones of this anime, and you will be left with a thought-provoking ending that makes you question what really makes up right and wrong.  This tale of a sudden upheaval through human evolution is both surreal and shocking, and a demonstration of awesome writing within the medium of anime.  If you are looking for a unique and intelligent anime, check this out.

4)  Girls und Panzer
Girls and tanks are a winning combination.

Most of this show aired last year, but because of the painstaking efforts of everyone to get this show ended properly, the last two episodes did not air until this year.  GuP seems like an absurd concept that should never amount to anything good, a show about girls operating tanks as an extracurricular activity for both privilege and glory.  However, like anime’s other ventures into antique military culture, GuP turned out to be a formula of sheer genius.  This odd combination of cute girls, military history, and sports-anime presentation is a perfect success, leaving fans around the world drooling for more.

3)  Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
(A Certain Scientific Railgun S)
It’s like X-Men, but with cute girls.

This is the highly anticipated sequel to the popular Index spinoff, “A Certain Scientific Railgun,” featuring a chunk of the franchise’s most popular characters.   This show covers territory that has already been tread within “A Certain Magical Index”, but the retelling is so amazingly well done it is more than worth a watch.  An entirely new view on the “Accelerator” arc is presented in an action-packed frenzy featuring everyone’s favorite electromaster, and the latter half of the show brings more adventures for a handful of cute girls fighting against evil science.  I won’t hide the fact that I love the Index/Railgun franchise, but this addition is nothing short of awesome.

2)  Psycho Pass
Thanks Obama

Psycho Pass was last year’s “honorable mention”, and this year it can get some well-deserved recognition.  Psycho Pass presented us with a dystopian future where our freedoms and ambitions are limited by our own thoughts and feelings thanks to startling advancements in science and technology.  In light of recent events revealing the NSA’s massive surveillance program and the PRISM system, Psycho Pass’s world featuring the brain scanning SYBIL system grows even more frightening.  This anime showed us an interesting world and a terrifying villain that has become the byproduct of it. This show contains a crime drama formula with a sci-fi twist, and is a “must see” for most anime fans, including those of a more casual variety.

1) Shingeki no Kyojin
(Attack on Titan)
The walls are a lie.

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest and most popular anime around the world, and for good reason.  This anime takes place in a fantasy-esque setting where mankind has made its final stand for survival behind massive walls to protect itself from man-eating giants, the titans.  This anime revolves itself around a group of characters whose lives are changed when the titans are finally able to breach the walls that humanity has relied on for protection for over a hundred years.  This story of humanity’s struggle against the titans and the mysteries surrounding them makes for an awesome show that leaves the audience wanting more and more.  No matter what part of the globe you live on, Attack on Titan has become one of the most beloved anime series in modern times.  If you haven’t at least tried watching this show, you can hardly call yourself a fan of anime.

2013 AOTY Special Categories

Honorable Mention:
Log Horizon

This show seemed like nothing more than a shallow clone of last year’s Sword Art Online, but then rose above to prove itself as one of the best shows of the year.  Log Horizon takes the idea of having thousands of players trapped in an MMORPG and brings it to life in a way no other show like it has been able to in the past.   A great setting, awesome characters, and storytelling that doesn’t rely on shock value makes for an incredible new franchise in anime.   At this time, the only thing keeping this show out of the rankings for AOTY is the simple fact that it hasn’t finished yet.  Don’t miss this one!

Best Ecchi
Highschool DXD NEW
This show could go on forever and I would never complain.

Let’s face it, sometimes all we want from an anime is some T&A.  Once again, Highschool DXD takes the crown for ecchi anime.  The war between demons and angels has never been sexier, thanks to this show’s ability to not give a fuck about holding back on fanservice.   This show gets extra kudos for delivering on the ecchi content without holding back for a BD release, even though they will shower everyone with even more ecchi goodness upon the BD release.

Best Mecha
Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince
(Majestic Prince)
Giant robots have never been so beautiful.

I originally came into MJP with minimal expectations, but I was treated to one of the best mecha anime in recent times.  MJP brings us a fairly typical story of humanity fighting for survival against an alien menace, brought to life with CG mecha battles that are nothing short of amazing.   This is wildly entertaining, and it has lots of nods to mecha anime and video games from the past.  If you want a modern mecha anime that is loads of fun to watch without an insultingly stupid storyline from this year, MJP is your best bet.

So Bad It’s Good
Kakumeiki Valvrave
(Valvrave the Liberator)
Are you fucking serious?

Valvrave is the result of Sunrise pumping a shitload of cash into one of the worst-written scripts of all time.  This is literally the story of teen space-vampires fighting space-Nazis in mecha powered by teen-angst, memories, and rape.  I’m not even joking.   Valvrave continually presents the audience with one insultingly stupid scenario after another, and does so with a completely straight face.  This show brings the definition of “train wreck” to an entirely new level, and because of that, it is also some of the most fun you can have watching anime this year.  Despite the pure stupidity of this series, this is also one of the most entertaining shows of the year.  Just be sure to remember, the second you begin to take Valvrave seriously is the second you lose.

Biggest Disappointment
Monogatari Series:  Second Season
Because she really needed a THIRD story arc.

The term “overrated” tends to get thrown around too much in the critique of just about any medium, but I have never found a better use for it than to describe this entry into the Monogatari franchise.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first two entries of SHAFT’s adaptation of this, but I can’t say the same this time around.  Even though this series has enjoyed seemingly endless critical praise around the world, no one can deny the fact that this season has been marred by excessive recap episodes and mediocre storylines that drag on long beyond their welcome.  This show constantly fluctuated between being awesome to downright boring, and there are few anime viewers around the world with the guts to call this show out for it.  This year was filled with lots of excellent anime that is worth checking out, and all the artsy backgrounds and fanservice in the world aren’t enough to make this one of them.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 24th – June 30th

The next wave of shows to finish up this week has arrived, and as always, I will keep the spoilers to a minimum.  Railgun, Titan, and MJP are expected to continue airing into the summer without interruption as far as I can tell, and some of the summer anime will begin to air next week, so we shouldn’t have much of a slowdown.  MJP is taking a break for this week however, and will air again on July 4th.   I’d also like to mention that this was a fantastic season for anime overall, with several shows that are serious AOTY contenders… and the summer lineup is looking impressive as well!  This is going to be a tough year of choices, which is for certain.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge:  Episode 13 END
(The Severing Crime Edge)
Kiri now has titan mode.

Kiri has finally gotten in touch with his inner murderer… and I’m still not quite sure if that was a good thing.  Anyway, this episode wraps up the current story arc, tells the story behind “made to order” type Authors, and sets the stage for the rest of the story; which will continue in another season previewed at the end of the episode.  This show is perhaps one of the strangest anime I have ever seen, and while it has many highs and lows, sometimes dipping into extreme absurdity, it was fun to watch and strangely addictive.  The story has captured my interest enough to pick up the second season when it arrives, so this show will likely return to the round-up at some point.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W:  Episode 12 END
(The Crawling Chaos Nyarlko-san W)
Is there no outer god that won’t sexually harass Mahiro?

A new mechanical guard for the Dreamlands has been finished ahead of schedule, unexpectedly.  Since Nyarlko and friends are only allowed to be on Earth to protect the Dreamlands, they will have to return to space or be labeled as criminals.  Nyarlko obviously isn’t going home without a fight, and so we have the stage for the finale.  This season wasn’t quite as good as the first, but if you enjoyed the kind of humor that was in the first one there is plenty more here, along with plenty more perverse, yet adorable abominations.

Hataraku Maou-sama!:  Episode 13 END
(The Devil is a Part-Timer!)
Even demon lords think corporations have gone too far.

Sadao has exhausted his magic by cleaning up the mess from the recent battle, but a new danger has arrived at the stronghold:  A bill that exceeds the household budget!  This show finishes up with the same humor and story that made it so surprisingly good to begin with, and there is nothing wrong with that.  This was one of my favorites of the season, and one of the most unique and entertaining shows of the year.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko:  Episode 12 END
(The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat)
All of this shows cuteness and insanity are captured in one image.

Youto and Tsukiko’s time travel adventure continues as they try to make right what went wrong with Tsukiko’s mother 10 years ago.  This episode was funny, a little sad at times, and of course, incredibly cute.  This was another great addition to this simply amazing season of anime.

Kakumeiki Valvrave:  Episode 12 END
(Valvrave the Liberator)
My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens…

Big chemical-weapon spewing drills.  Awkward confessions.  Secret space vampire societies.  The rise of the NEET.  This is how Valvrave ends the first half of the story.  Valvrave will be taking a break during the summer (probably so the writers can have their meds adjusted), with the next half returning in October.  This is perhaps one of the most ridiculous, absurd, and poorly-written anime I have ever seen in my life.  And on that note, I can’t fucking wait for October.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san:  Episode 13 END
Because this is the natural reaction to receiving a Christmas present.

Poor Takkun is pondering his future, and of course Muromi is around to give advice.  The surprising fact is that her advice did not involve drinking or sexual advances for once.  But that doesn’t matter, because with the arrival of both Christmas and New Year’s, the mermaids can return to… drinking and sexual advances…  Despite a couple weak episodes, this was a hilarious and very original comedy, one that brings out the laughs with its goofy cast instead of relying on parody, like most anime comedies.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.:  Episode 13
(My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute 2, AKA:  Oreimo 2)
And thus a new otaku is born…

This is technically the final episode for this season, but much like the original series, the story isn’t over.  Episodes 14-16 are expected to air in August, so we will finally figure out which girl wins.  In the meantime, this episode looks back into Kirino’s past and how she began to admire her brother, along with how she became hooked on eroge.  At this point I have to admit I had much more fun watching the first season; since most of the otaku humor that made the original so good has been pushed aside for the melodrama of what has become a train wreck of romance.  Let’s all just hope this gets wrapped up nicely when the concluding episodes air in August.

Shingeki no Kyojin:  Episode 13
(Attack on Titan)
Did Eren finally get his shit together?

The good news about this week’s episode is that we finally get a break from the slower pacing and an action-packed episode.  The bad news is this episode is full of laggy scenes, random stills, and bits of unfinished CG caused by what Production IG blames on a lack of animation staff.  Considering the sloppy messes also left in Gargantia by Production IG, it seems their reputation is on a very rapid downward spiral.  That grumbling aside, this was still a good episode thanks to the sheer awesomeness of Titan.  Next week is going to be a recap episode (ugh), so let’s hope the staff uses this time to get their shit together and give us some better quality for the second half.

Suisei no Gargantia:  Episode 13 END
(Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet)
Don’t kid yourself Striker, you don’t even have that cool of a paintjob.

The final battle between Gargantia and an insane cult led by a robot with a god complex is finally upon us.  I won’t say much, but know one thing is for certain:  Chamber is a bro.  Overall, Gargantia was a pretty decent anime that presented a vast world and interesting characters.  Unfortunately this show would have been much better if they trimmed down the episode count and didn’t allow so many frames of sloppy, lazy art to get into the final product.  Production IG has shit up yet another show from this season, and that makes me sad.  If you missed this show but you are still interested in watching it, I would advise waiting until the BD’s come out due to the poor production quality of the TV version.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:  Episode 12
(A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Kuroko can finally resume her attack.

As Touma wanders around the city having misadventures with a MISAKA clone (which should be all too familiar for Index fans), Mikaka plans her next move.  Without having enough time to destroy the hundreds of facilities involved in the Level 6 experiment, Misaka’s next target is the Diagram Tree, a powerful supercomputer that watches over the activities of Academy City.  It looks like the Sisters arc will be coming to a close soon, which means a really awesome fight should be coming our way!

Other Noteworthy Shows of the Season:

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru
(My Teenage Romcom SNAFU)
The dark knight rises…

Romance comedies are a dime a dozen in the realm of anime and manga, but this is a show that comes forward to shake things up a bit.  This is the story of Hikigaya Hachiman, a student with a skewed view on life.  Hikigaya is disgusted by the world around him, and sees his peers as nothing more than “liars.”  One of his teachers forces Hiki into a club she created, with a member that just so happens to be a socially awkward, yet very popular girl around school.  While most anime would tell a story about how the main character changes his ways and warms up to a new social life, SNAFU features a main character willing to piss on anyone’s parade as long as they know the harsh truth of reality.

Hiki has been nicknamed the “Dark Knight” of romcom protagonists by fans because of his willingness to take the role of a villain and tell people off in order to make things right when they go wrong.  Just as the title describes, any expectations of a typical romcom anime go out the window, making this show yet another must see show from this season.  I wasn’t able to include this show in the round-up because I jumped into it later than other shows, but don’t let that lead you to believe this show isn’t anything short of excellent.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 17th – June 23rd

This week a couple shows in the round up have finished up, and most of the others will follow next week.  A newcomer to streaming simulcasts,, has brought out the big guns for the summer anime season by announcing they will be doing a simulcast of Monogatari’s second season.  I’m planning on including this show in the round up, so keep your eyes open out there.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge:  Episode 12
(The Severing Crime Edge)
Her parents would have been so proud to have a daughter with such a badass fighting stance.

It’s finally time for Kiri to face his deadliest enemy of all time, in what is one of the craziest match-ups for a fight scene since Kill Bill.  The intense battle and the fact that a little girl is about to slaughter him has Kiri questioning whether or not Greyland (the spirit behind his Killing Goods) was even a real murderer.  Needless to say, that question is answered.  Next week we find out how this madness turns out in the final episode!

Date a Live:  Episode 12 END
Can best girl/spirit beat the AST’s ultimate weapon?

Date a Live’s last episode ends the only way this show can properly end, with the final date followed by the final battle.  Like the rest of this show, this episode is cute, fun, and completely awesome.  The best part?  The episode ends with a formal announcement for season 2 to continue the story, along with a preview of what to look forward to.  This was one of my favorite shows of this season, and I couldn’t be happier to hear that there will be even more of this in the future.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince:  Episode 12
I don’t think I was sick, but for some reason I do feel better right now.

With another successful mission completed, the GDF has decided to go on yet another bragging campaign to remind the world that the MJP are the only ones that can do anything.  This means we have a filler-esque episode showing what the team is doing with the bit of free time they have before missions.  This wasn’t a fantastic episode, but it was certainly watchable, especially when compared to typical mecha anime filler stuff.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W:  Episode 11
(The Crawling Chaos Nyarlko-san W)
Big surprise, Nyarlko is having lewd thoughts.

Mahiro’s Mom takes yet another break from monster hunting, this time to take everyone on a camping trip.  This eventually leads us to Mahiro running through a haunted house and trying to get away from the entire female cast of the show that accidentally became drugged with love-potion chocolates.  This always happens on camping trips, right?

Hataraku Maou-sama!:  Episode 12
(The Devil is a Part-Timer!)
Even the Devil himself can’t stand to lose his bicycle.

So now it seems the sketchy owner of the fried chicken chain is an evil archangel looking to destroy both the hero and devil while they are weak in order to rule Ente Elsa.  Naturally the demon lord Satan isn’t quite willing to give up his simple new life of managing a burger joint and possibly hooking up with delicious Chiho, so it is time for some serious ass kicking.  Prepare for some awesome fighting and even more working-class humor.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko:  Episode 11
(The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat)
Tsukiko now takes the title for the world’s first time-travelling shotacon.

The evil wish granting cat god is still around, and a few misplaced words send Youto and Tsukiko 10 years into the past.  Tsukiko decides to take advantage of this to learn the truth about her mother, and maybe even fiddle with the past a bit.  We also learn that Tsukiko’s Mom has a thing for beer and… traps?

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride:  Episode 12 END
 It’s final battle time.  Sexy final battle time.

The big baddie has finally shown up to destroy the spirit stone, and so we have the stage for the final fight.  We also get to see what and who the samurai bride is.  This show was fun at times, but it certainly wasn’t as good as the first season.  There was a lot of build up for this last episode, but none of it really panned out into anything great.  There are better ecchi/action shows out there, and the disappointing final episode makes this show tough to recommend even to fans of the first season.

Kakumeiki Valvrave:  Episode 11
(Valvrave the Liberator)
The most awkward date in all of fiction.

Just when I thought Valvrave couldn’t top itself after the insanity of last week’s events, it brings out the big guns this week.  Right off the bat we get a NEET having a psychological meltdown for pretty much no reason, and with even less relevance to the events of this episode.  There is a big, important battle, but the highlight of this episode is Haruto’s decision to take Saki on a date to say “sorry I raped you.”  I’m blown away by the fact that this story somehow became animated, and with a high budget at that, but I have to admit, this is fun to watch for all the wrong reasons.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san:  Episode 12
Surely we can expect mermaids to enjoy cucumbers like mature adults, right?

This episode is almost entirely focused on Fuji’s obsession with trying to fix Muromi’s tail, and Muromi’s anger with Fuji’s breast size.  The “tail-ripping” scene is probably one of the most depraved, screwed-up moments in all of anime.   I know it should be obvious at this point, but mermaids are seriously fucked up people.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.:  Episode 12
(My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute 2, AKA:  Oreimo 2)
Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

A simple house-warming party becomes crazy due to the fact that Kyousuke has unknowingly assembled a harem of girls that want him, and they are his only friends.  Not that I feel sorry for him, but I begin to feel even less sorry for Kyousuke when Kirino appoints one of her model friends to live with him as a caretaker until the test.  And so the race is heating up…

Shingeki no Kyojin:  Episode 12
(Attack on Titan)
Well, so much for this idea.

Just when it seems humanity may finally catch a break, the plan to use Eren’s titan form instantly becomes FUBAR.  With hungry titans all over the place, the troops must decide if they should call this mission a loss are keep fighting in hopes that Eren will get his shit together.  As usual, we must wait and see what happens.

Suisei no Gargantia:  Episode 12
(Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet)
Robot god demands loyalty!

Ledo’s happy reunion and return to Alliance work are cut short by the fact that his old friend has decided to attack and enslave Gargantia.  Life in the Commander’s happy little cult also seems to suck, which means only one thing… it’s time for rebellion.  Now Ledo, Pinion, and the sexiest lesbian pirate captain of all time have waged war on a cult that has been hording advanced technology.  The conclusion awaits us next week!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:  Episode 11
(A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Aw yeah, it’s time to shatter some motherfucking illusions!

Just as Misaka hobbles back to school from her battle with ITEM, she runs into an old… friend?  Meanwhile, the rest of the girls wonder if Misaka has a boyfriend, because it’s not like she could be spending all her free time committing acts of terrorism, right?  On the more serious side of things, Misaka discovers that her efforts to stop the Level 6 experiment may have been meaningless.  If only there was some unlucky fool that could help her save the MISAKA clones…

Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 9th – June 16th

The end of a really awesome anime season is upon us, but as we bid farewell to some really fun shows, there is some solace in knowing a handful of shows from this season are still only halfway finished.  Next season is going to deliver the return of some big names in anime, so there will be lots of fun.  As for current events, this week’s episode of Valvrave has caused quite a stir with the so-called “social justice warriors” of a few social networks; and they haven’t figured out that taking Valvrave seriously can cause brain damage.  Let’s not tell them the show isn’t even real quite just yet, their outrage is fun to watch.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge:  Episode 11
(The Severing Crime Edge)
It is never easy to admit to your friends that you got owned by a loli.

Kiri’s pride has been taken down a notch, mostly because the greatest threat to him protecting the girl of his dreams is… a little girl.  In his defense, the little girl in question is a professional assassin and she did use a technique that will cause all of those little cuts on his body to slowly bleed him to death.  For whatever reason, either the studio or the broadcast station went out of their way to censor the shit out of a blood transfusion scene, and it was so strange it was worth mentioning.  It looks like we have yet another awesome fight coming up next week.

Date a Live:  Episode 11
Yes, it is time for a swimsuit episode.

Now that Kotori can go into berserker mode at any given moment, Shido has to go on a date with her in hopes of sealing her powers.  This means it is time for a bit of fun and swimsuits, because this show was destined to have a swimsuit episode before this story arc draws to a finish.  I have no objections to an episode featuring delicious Kotori in a bikini.  Meanwhile, the AST has some new anti-spirit hardware in stock, and Origami is itching to use it against Ifreet…

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince:  Episode 11
Tamaki is adorable when she is angry.

With most of the GDF’s forces destroyed, the pilots of MJP have got to get it together now more than ever.  This time they are being sent to Mars in order to infiltrate a crashed enemy ship and gather information from their computers.  A couple crew members of the Godinion also discover that a little flirting with Tamaki turns her into one of the GDF’s deadliest warriors.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W:  Episode 10
(The Crawling Chaos Nyarlko-san W)
I need to take space CQC lessons.

Nyarlko had come down with a common cold, frustrated that she is vulnerable to Earth’s germs.  This only complicates things when the Boss calls for her and Kuuko to take care of more pesky invaders.  This week’s alien abominations have plotted to steal Earth’s rare elements… so they can impress girls at the hostess club.  My SAN points are nearly gone.

Hataraku Maou-sama!:  Episode 11
(The Devil is a Part-Timer!)
Remember kids, being a NEET should not be a career choice.

Sadao’s landlord has sent him a truckload of boxes from Hawaii full of stuff to be sold, along with some goodies for the trouble.  Just as it seems the dark lord’s new and simple life couldn’t be any better, a couple folks he wronged in the past aren’t going to let him off so easily.  Things are building up for an awesome finale.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko:  Episode 10
(The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat)
The only disease science refuses to cure because it is both cute and funny.

The mess of reality-bending wishes seems to have a lingering effect even after being canceled, and the cat god and his statues are nowhere to be found.  Despite the few oddities still lingering, everyone moves along their daily lives as the have before.  Is this the last of the cat god’s mischief?

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride:  Episode 11
She’s right, the big brawl is a certainty for next week

The dark samurai have begun their hunt for the spirit stone, just as Muneakira and the girls have figured out the secret to creating a samurai bride.  The action and intensity are all building up for the final battle next week.  Most importantly, we get to find out which lucky gal becomes the samurai bride!

Kakumeiki Valvrave:  Episode 10
(Valvrave the Liberator)
Protip:  This will have consequences.

This week the students decide to have an election to decide who will lead them when they enter the neutral territory of the moon.  There is a bit of explanation about the background of the VVV project, but that will only leave you even more confused than you were before.  This week’s moment of pure insanity (that also filled social networks and blogs with rage):  mecha-space-vampire rape.  I never thought I would ever use all of those words in one sentence, but here we are.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san:  Episode 11
Legendary monsters can’t resist cheap malt liquor.

This time we learn more about the downfall of Otohime and how this somehow involved the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the decisions of an economic council run by opium smoking mermaids (that somehow smoke under water).  This means only one thing: it’s time for Muromi and her friends to get drunk in front of a convenience store!

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.:  Episode 11
(My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute 2, AKA:  Oreimo 2)
Even their parents know best girl should be winning by now.

Best girl may be down, but she isn’t out, and thanks to Kyousuke’s parents, Kirino is out of the picture for a bit.  It seems that Mom and Dad are concerned about the possibility of their children hooking up, so they have sent Kyousuke to live on his own until his grades improve.  I never thought there would ever be a situation where parents would have to separate a brother and sister for playing pornographic video games together, but there is a first time for everything I guess.  For the sake of Kuroneko fans everywhere, let’s hope this doesn’t end like the light novel did.

Shingeki no Kyojin:  Episode 11
(Attack on Titan)
No biggie.

Pixiv has taken command, and he has convinced the troops that Eren is part of a new plan to retake the Trost district.  Unfortunately, the soldiers are frightened and on the verge of treason by this point and Eren isn’t quite sure what will happen if he turns into a titan again.  This week’s cliffhanger ending is practically an act of cruelty.  It would seem they are stalling things a bit for a big battle at the end of the first half, so we all have to hang on a bit more.

Suisei no Gargantia:  Episode 11
(Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet)
This never ends well.

Ledo finds out his commanding officer was also stranded on Earth, but it has become an uneasy reunion.  It would seem that taking in the local culture wasn’t his thing, and unlike Ledo he has decided to stay inside of his Machine Caliber, declare himself a god, and rule every human he encounters with an iron fist.  This was an interesting episode, but much like last season’s Psycho Pass, this episode somehow made it past quality control, leaving behind some laughably bad backgrounds and a few sloppy faces here and there.  Hopefully this won’t happen for the next two episodes that wrap this show up.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:  Episode 10
(A Certain Scientific Railgun)

She can melt me down any day.

Misaka’s desperate battle with the “Meltdowner” continues, and fatigue has started to catch up with her.  Once again, we are treated to more awesome fighting.  Next week should be interesting…

Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 3rd – June 9th

We are down to the last handful of episodes from this season, and most of the shows will be ending in the coming weeks.  A movie for last year’s hit romance/comedy Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai has been announced this week.  While this show was my biggest favorite last year, I’m not sure if the story can really come up with the content for both a movie and the proposed second season.  I’ll cross those bridges when I come to them, but for now, let’s check out some awesome anime!

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge:  Episode 10
(The Severing Crime Edge)
ANIME FACT:  All orphaned lolis take up this profession.

It’s time for another fantastic episode of lewd murderers, and this week we are treated to the best one yet.  Kiri is a little worried that he may have come on to strong after putting the moves on Iwai last week, so he’s reduced to nervously watching his phone.  Meanwhile, Iwai is worried because her magic hair has stopped growing for some reason, so she sets out for a day of shopping.  Unfortunately, a deadly loli assassin is hunting her down.  This episode features an unexpectedly badass fight between a knife-wielding loli and a dude with a pair of scissors.

Date a Live:  Episode 10
Kotori has a little captain in her today.

Date a Live continues on its rampage of awesomeness this week, thanks to the fact the Kotori has joined the fray… as one seriously ass-kicking spirit.  Many questions are answered this week, and the stage has been set for quite an upcoming conflict as well.  In a season full of great shows, this one is still standing to among a handful of the best.  Don’t miss this!

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince:  Episode 10
Even her massive rack can’t help her clinger personality.

Command is spilling their guts to the core members of MJP, in order to prepare them for future battles.  This week we learn all about what the Wulgaru really are, why they are fighting earth, and why one of their Nobles have defected to side of humanity.  This can only mean more hot-blooded mecha action for us in the future.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W:  Episode 9
(The Crawling Chaos Nyarlko-san W)
Yup, she finally escaped.

Kuuko’s sister has somehow escaped her dimensional prison, so everyone is on guard for the potential for fiery death.  When everyone then decides to go to school like nothing happened anyway, they find their fellow classmates being forced to play “analog” games by hypnosis.  Parodies of everything from Evangelion to High School of the Dead are part of the comedy this week.  Have fun and stay sane!

Hataraku Maou-sama!:  Episode 10
(The Devil is a Part-Timer!)
My god, it’s full of stars…

After a successful campaign against the chicken joint next door, Sadao is sent out to help another MgRonald’s franchise in need.  This episode showcases a very special miracle of the universe, CHIHO IN A BIKINI!!!  Ahem… sorry, I had to get that out of my system.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko:  Episode 9
(The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat)
The cat god is fair, but perverted.

As great as it is to be the ruler of a swimsuit kingdom, Youto has to get to the bottom of this craziness.  This can only mean that things have to get even crazier.  It also means the coming of a phenomenon I have named “mass nudity.”

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride:  Episode 10
The impressive thing is that Naoe is actually taking training somewhat seriously.

Once again, things have more of a focus on story this week, to prepare us for the final battle royale.  We learn all about the guardian stone and the true reason for appearance of the dark samurai.  Just in case you would be upset by the lack of ecchi content for this week, they tossed in a quick bath scene for good measure.

Kakumeiki Valvrave:  Episode 9
(Valvrave the Liberator)
Spider valvrave is the best one so far.

Since the module is full of teenagers that know nothing about combat trying to lead a revolt, everyone has placed trust in L-Elf to run the place.  Whether or not it was a good idea to put a former enemy in charge is up for debate, but we have to remember we are watching Valvrave when those questions pop up.  Two more lucky winners toss aside their humanity to become Valvrave pilots this week, be sure to tune in and find out who they are!

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san:  Episode 10
Muromi always sets a good example for children.

This week Taku gets a break from Muromi and her crazy friends.  Instead, Muromi washes ashore in Malaysia with a massive hangover and pesters a little girl wandering the beach.  We also learn important things, like how the Kraken is a bad drunk at parties.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.:  Episode 10
(My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute 2, AKA:  Oreimo 2)
PROTIP:  Don’t get a nickname like this in the HR office of your workplace.

This time Kyousuke gets suckered into taking on his manager persona once again, in order to appease an old friend.  The good news is Kyousuke can help Kirino get tickets to a festival for the Meruru anime, complete with a concert featuring ClariS.  For those not in the know, ClariS is the artist that performed the OP song for a certain show about magical girls that is all the rage these days…

Shingeki no Kyojin:  Episode 10
(Attack on Titan)
This week Armin finally grows a pair.

Okay, if you haven’t caught up with Titan by now, I’m done holding my tongue, so go get caught up on Titan before reading.  This week Eren is in a standoff with his former allies, because suddenly transforming into a titan seems to have that effect on people.  Can Eren and his friends convince the army that he still wants to kill filthy titan scum?  Watch and find out!

Suisei no Gargantia:  Episode 10
(Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet)
Only Bender could be happier about looting.

Last week’s spoiler was a big one, so catch up before reading any further.  The good news is that Ledo has destroyed every last one of the Earth-type Hideauze.  That bad news is he is feeling a little glum about it now that he knows they are actually genetically modified humans that have been fighting a race war for centuries.  Meanwhile, Pinion has practically become drunk with power now that he is free to loot the spoils of advanced weapon technology, and even goes so far to tell the world about it.  Shit is going to get serious from here on out.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:  Episode 9
(A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Another of Academy City’s Level 5s appears!

Just as Misaka thinks she can catch her breath after an intense battle with the loli-bomber, backup arrives.  Now Misaka has to survive fighting another Level 5 esper paired with someone that can track her every move.  Enjoy yet another awesome, action-packed episode.  And they say Railgun is only about cute girls doing cute things…