Chuck E. Cheese Restaurants: Come For The Pizza, Stay For The Fistfights.

Chuck E. Cheese, known to most as the place for pizza and fun a world where every kid wants to have a birthday party; sadly, though, grown men and women have found a way to behave worse than children in a public place.  It seems that Chuck E. Cheese chains around the country have a growing problem with violent fights breaking out between adults during birthday parties for children.

In the town of Susquehanna, Pa, local police have responded to 17 calls over the period of 18 months from the same restaurant.  This is not uncommon, as fights seem to break out at the pizza chain all around the country, and many witnesses have been posting videos of the phenomenon on YouTube.  Experts claim that the high emotions of a birthday party, the noise and crowding, and the fact that some of the restaurants serve alcohol, are the reason that family feuds can break out and turn violent.


Lazy Cops Don’t Care If You Only Get Scammed Out Of $1200

A Philadelphia pizza shop owner had a rough time during the Superbowl this year—he got over a dozen fake orders from a prankster with a blocked phone number, forcing him to toss out lots of food with no place to go.  This prank turned out to have serious costs to the owner, Frank Maimone, to the tune of $1200.  The real sad part of this story; it seems the police don’t feel Frank’s loss is enough to bother investigating.

It turns out the perp could be found if Frank can get the police to subpoena Verizon for the name behind the blocked number, but a detective from the local police department claims that won’t bother with a case that’s worth less than $2000.  Does this mean you can get away with theft in Philly as long as you keep it under $2000?   A veteran detective from another police station, who was asked about this case said:  “He got a lazy detective who didn’t feel like working the case.”  It’s a good thing the people of Philadelphia pay taxes to have such a hardworking and devoted police force.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 27: Anyone Want to Do the Title?

Episode 27 of the Spoony Bard Podcast, the classiest podcast on the net.  Roughly five minutes into the pod we lose stark for a couple of minutes and try to cover long enough for him to come back, which doesn’t really work.  We ended up losing about five minutes of the pod because of random computer issues, which is par for a pod at this point, but at the end we come back with Stark– so we all win.  All aside it sounds way better than the last one.  Besides the talk of R-Type, which is limited to only me remembering it fondly and everyone else complaining about it, we go in all kinds of random directions.  Mortal Kombat takes up most of the converstaion, but we bring up Pizza, beer, and Dr. Who, so there is that I guess.  Also PSN is still down so we kind of needed to complain about that too.


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