Kim Jong Il –Inventor of Hamburger— Alive and Well

The mighty leader of men, a person who can do now wrong in his life and inventor of many things that we love around our everyday lives, is alive and well despite rumors of his death.  Mr. Il, or Mighty Awesome Fighting Leader as locals call him, is just as confused by his reported demise as those around him.  To quote him, “I just left my son in charge of some things while I took a small vacation to a couple of our favorite democratic friends and I start getting Facebook updates from people saying they are sorry to hear I died.  I like a joke as the next person, but my bank account was frozen too!”

The Mighty Kim has led his country, and many others, to unparalleled levels of prosperity and 0% unemployment rates.  While he might be willing to forgive the prankster for this slight I am not as willing.  Without him we would not be able to enjoy things like rainbows and the warmth of knowing that we are loved.  If he hadn’t called for people to understand the need for a prank I would find this person and Kim Jong Il punch him through a wall.

Source: April Edition

Pokémon Champion Stripped Of Title After Pooping In Hallway

Ruben Puig Lecegui, a two time world champion of Pokémon, at the UK Video Game Championship has recently been stripped of his title because of his actions.  Ruben and members of his team decided to play a dastardly prank on the competition this year, one that will never be forgotten.  The Champion team went to the hotel of the other Pokémon team, and placed their own excrement in the hallway.

The police were called in, removed the team from the hotel and slapped them with fines.  The Pokémon Company International, the company behind the championship, looked into the incident and decided to take action.  The runner up from this year’s event now holds the title of Pokémon Champion, and now has a story that he can tell his friends and family for years to come.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 24: My Chinchilla is Dead, Long Live My Chinchilla

Stark and I spend a large amount of time talking about 80’s movies, other games in the Contra series, and one liners. We spend very little of that time talking about the first Contra game, besides the fact that we could only ever beat it by cheating. Stark talks about how much he loves Ar Tonelico and our new writer for the site, and I talk about the passing of my chinchilla and how I really want a sumo chair/bag. I bring up Pokemon and the Shin Megami Tensei series on the DS.

On an off note, we recorded this pod with Pamela. I know that I have been getting some search results looking into the best way to record a pod over skype, and I spent a ton of time searching the same thing. It is honestly the best version that I found, and while it sucks that you have to pay for it it does work. On the off chance that you stumbled here by looking for that, that is my opinion.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 23: It Looks Like He is Taking a Dump When You Press Up

Taking another suggestion from the fans to talk about we played Tomba this week; saying that we had mixed results would be kind. It doesn’t take long before we start talking about pretty much anything else that we are doing. Ar tonelico, Pokemon, and even articles that we have thrown up on the site all end up being fair game. Sorry about the pod going up late, again, at least it still weekly.