Student Builds Working Turret from the Portal Series

A Penn State student found a way to show off his appreciation for the Portal games while completing the final project for the “advanced mechatronics” class.  The turret has a basic skeleton at this time, but the builder claims he will complete a more authentic shell in the future.  The turret tracks targets using image recognition, and is programmed with MATLAB software.

Fortunately this turret is only armed with nerf bullets, so its attacks are non-lethal.  How long will it be until we cower in fear every time we hear “I see you!”? Only time will tell.  In the meantime, watch the video below to see this awesome project in action!

Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 28: Judgement Day

Back to basics this episode, Stark and I are joined by no one and we talk about a game that neither one of us really know that much about– Yoshi’s Island.  Everything from Mortal Kombat tournaments to how we feel that PSN isn’t doing a terrible job at making up for what it did (although it isn’t really going out of its way either), we don’t really stay on anything that could ever be a topic.  We also welcome everyone to leave some feedback, even make lots of suggestions on how you can go ahead and manage to do that.  And if any of you are wondering what we are going to be talking about next week, it is Mutant League Football.


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