Mygamer Streaming Cast Awesome Blast! Mercenary Kings

 The game stark hates

We have been a little light on content over here, and I lost the last Saturday stream on twitch for some weird reason, so I thought I would cross post my recent Mygamer stream over here for the Varms fans.  Tell me if you like it enough for me to keep doing it.  As always I can post the files for download if you want them on the go, or you are weird like that.

 After an hour of play I manage to beat one level

Zack and Gillman come back this week, all be it a little late, to play a chunk of the mid-game experience that is Mercenary Kings! Gillman recounts that he has no idea what he is doing on grounds that the game has been in pre-release for so long it is impossible to retain any good knowledge. Zack is a good sport and tries not to laugh, at him, and the talks falls apart into other current releases.  Sound off in the comments if you have any suggestions, or even ideas of what to stream for the upcoming weeks.

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Sony Meets With Famous PS3 Hacker GeoHot

People might not remember, but around this time last year there was a massive news story breaking involving Sony and this person who went by the handle of GeoHot (real name George Hotz).  Long story short, George managed to hack the Sony system to give people direct root access to the system—something that basically means that it can emulate whatever the user wants.  There was a lawsuit, some additional hacking to the network in protest, and it all ended up with George getting a great job at Facebook to try and make sure the same thing didn’t happen there.

Well just this week Mr. Hotz sat down with a large group of engineers to talk about what they could do to make Sony, their network, and future products even safer.  Interestingly enough GeoHot has received enough notoriety since the lawsuit that this meeting alone warranted an interview with some rather important newspapers (namely The New York Post).  Directly after this case broke Hotz was quoted repeatedly saying that he would be more than happy to go and work with Sony to try and prevent this kind of thing from happening, and as odd as that sounds that kind of thing is what ends up happening 9 times out of 10 with these kinds of events.

Source: The New Yorker (via gamezone)

Sony Bolstering It’s Defenses Against “Hacktivist” Groups

After being hammered by over 20 hacking attacks from hacktivist groups Lulzsec and Anonymous in 2011, Sony is beefing up security like never before.  The leader of Sony’s new security department is Brett Wahlin, former employee of McAfee with years of experience as a counter intelligence officer in the US military.  Wahlin’s security strategy is focused on defending against newer “socially-motivated” hackers.

Wahlin is hoping to look at the overall pattern of how many of these online attacks begin in order to react to breaches in security faster and prevent them from happening, along with working to monitor PlayStation Network for suspicious transactions that can pose a threat.  Another part of this strategy is educating staff to promote better security practices in the workplace.  Much of Sony’s overall security goals are to automate the detection of abnormal activities on the network so security staff can devote more time to stopping attacks as they are discovered.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 29: The AC is On, Deal With It

In a perfect world this podcast would have been uploaded Saturday night.  This is not that world and you people aren’t here to listen to me complain about the worst week ever, you are hear to talk about video games.

Episode the 29th of the classiest podcast on the planet brings us a new guest, Sheeley, who is an expert on all things sports related– this is good as Stark and I have no knowledge about anything like that.  He explains to us that it is basically a football game that you can kill other people and not much else.  That is fine because we quickly start talking about Kristy Alley, Star Trek, and how much we really enjoy making fun of people who aren’t around to defend themselves.  Stark wanted a mellow adventure next time, so we are breaking from tradition and doing a modern classic for next week, Katamari.  Leave us a note to let us know what you think about that, or what you thought about this cast.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 28: Judgement Day

Back to basics this episode, Stark and I are joined by no one and we talk about a game that neither one of us really know that much about– Yoshi’s Island.  Everything from Mortal Kombat tournaments to how we feel that PSN isn’t doing a terrible job at making up for what it did (although it isn’t really going out of its way either), we don’t really stay on anything that could ever be a topic.  We also welcome everyone to leave some feedback, even make lots of suggestions on how you can go ahead and manage to do that.  And if any of you are wondering what we are going to be talking about next week, it is Mutant League Football.


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