The Great Varms Giveaway Results!

Something exactly like this happened

So we ended up being a little delayed announcing the winner of the contest last week; mainly because of holidays, being sick, being hungover, and forgetting that we needed to inform people that someone had already won.  Sadly we only had one copy of the game to hand out to people, and through our entirely not scientific process we selected Mr. Evan Bulriss.  For those of you who didn’t win, keep a high spirit as we are giving away more games starting on Sunday.  Hopefully this time we will be able to tell the results when it first happens.

The Great Varms Game Giveaway

Burt Fucking Reynolds is in it!

So here at Varms we have decided to try something new for our loyal fans.  For the next 7 Days, ending on the 27th of next week, we are holding a contest to give away a free PC copy of Saints Row the Third.  All you have to do to enter is comment on this story down below!  It also works if you comment on the podcast, but since this isn’t that page, you only have to move over if you really, really want to.  So get rolling everyone, we have a free copy and you could very easily win it!

The Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 62: A Titty Monster Christmas

Like this, but we talk about anime

This week we talk about Monster Rancher! Who knew that something so amazing and wonderful could make me think about the 90’s and all of the poor life choices that I made in that decade.    For awhile we talk about players guides, the VGA’s and then Stark brings up weird things in anime.  I talk about video games in the way of cheap Forza games, Far Cry and giving away Saints Row 3 if you just comment on this post! How amazingly easy can that be!

By the way, we are using stitcher now.  Let us know what you think!


Remember to comment to win!