Varms.Net: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza: Episode 3

The third Episode has finally appeared, to the happiness of none! If you are like the rest of the world and could totally wait, here it is! Watch as Stark and Gillman continue playing through the First Yakuza game!

Varms.Net Presents: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza: Episode 2

Episode 2 time ya’ll, and Stark and I haven’t even really started drinking yet.  Watch as we play our way through the most important game of 7 years ago.  Also, if any of you would like this in additional, downloadable formats, please let me know.  I am able to make this a podcast on iTunes without much effort, so if you are looking for something like that, we can make it happen.

Varms.Net Presents: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza

Our newest podcast, an attempt to play through all of the first Yakuza game while recording a conversation and drinking beer.  If you would like to have this on iTunes to download, or any ideas let us know.