Science Says Midichlorian Carrying Dinosaurs in Space Possible

This is going to get a little science heavy before funny, so sorry about that:

There is a current theory that is floating around all the science papers that is trying to imply that life might not have started on earth, and that it is entirely possible that it arrived on an asteroid that was knocked off of another planet billions of years ago, because—as it turns out— that life (the microscopic kind) has no problem going dormant as it hurtles through space.  A recent paper that was published by Ronald Breslow suggests that if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs had headed to a habitable planet, say the recently discovered one 20 light years away, there could be a super advanced race of dinosaurs just waiting to take over earth hanging out over there.

The problem, as I see it, with this theory is several fold:  The first is that it is now modern dino-theory that most of those creatures simply evolved into birds.  It has been known (although until recently improvable) that most of the more advanced dinosaurs had feathers, so asteroid or not they would have become something else given all that time, and not simply remained giant thunder lizards—much of the same way that humans are not apes any more.  The second is that it has taken all of those millions of years for life to evolve from a mild offset of a sudden impact, and the mammals at that time were pretty much glorified rats.  A couple million years from bacteria or RNA would be lucky to produce plant life, not FTL drive Raptors.

Source:  The Register

Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 32: I Be Rapping Terrible

I don’t know about most people, but back in the day I was terrible at Parappa, and while time has made me mildly better at the game I can’t say that it is really something that I can ace on the first try–or even the 12th.  After bringing up the main thread of old games we talk for awhile about anime and some of our favorite shows that are coming back, namely Futurama and how awesome John Benjamen has a Van is.  We bring up my new iPhone and why Stark thinks that I am becoming one of the many faceless mobs, and why Dungeon Siege probably isn’t helping that cause that much.  Also I discuss the lengths that a Disgaea hole can last for, while we have why everything about Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 isn’t what you really want in a game.

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