Varms TV: Saturday Morning Cartoon Stream


Stark and Gillman are at it again. This week they are playing through a swath of Atelier Escha and Logy. Things go weird and with their minds fully in the gutter after about 20 minutes of play, because of course we do.  We hang out for about three hours, starting at 9 AM, and are kind of planning on doing this going forward for awhile because we have nothing better to do.  Feel free to join us next week to experience the fun live!

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Snuggle Cast: Wondrous Second Stream!

The famous and amazing one shot kill
This is what happens when you get two best friends in the entire universe together and force the pair of them to sit down and try and play a game together, and then record what happens. This week we play Borderlands 2 and Spelunky. Remember to sound off in the comments and let us know what you want next and what you think!

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Snuggle Cast! Fantastic First Episode

Join us, as we look down her shirt.

Nick and Dan, long time best friends in the entire universe, finally decide that it is long since time that they did some kind of amazing stream together. This is that stream, that story and that journey. Would you join us, every Tuesday night?

Please share your ideas or thoughts in the comments.

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Nintendo Doesn’t Want You Making Money from Their Art

My guess it looks something like this

Reviews and gamplay videos are kind of a weird area when it comes to copyright law.  On the one hand the game is technically the company’s intellectual property, on the other you could argue that the gameplay of the game is something of a performance piece.  Nintendo doesn’t see things in such greys and seems to prefer more black and white ways as they are actively taking all of the money from anyone who has YouTube postings of any of their games.  Remember, these aren’t people copy and pasting other’s material, these people are playing games while providing commentary while they play.  Worst of all is that Nintendo isn’t even requesting the videos be taken down, only that they receive all of the ad revenue from it.

The knee jerk reaction to this action is easy enough to saying something like, “Nintendo must be hurting for money if they are stealing it from their fans,” but this sounds worse than that.  If the last decade has proven anything it is that the Nippon company doesn’t understand the internet or how it is used, with this being the latest example.  In their minds this is probably just an attempt to defend their IP without discouraging their fans from spreading the good word about it, something I would not describe as thoroughly thought through.  The problem with Nintendo is that it tries to maintain its image in an obsessive control freak way, something that hasn’t seemed to work in their favor in the past.  I don’t know if taking money out of content creators’ pockets is the correct way to do that.

Source: The Escapist

This Week in Stream: 4/19/13

Moon.  Always pick the moon.

Gillman and Zack are at it again! This week we are playing Duck Tales 1 and 2 for the NES, along with the re-releases on GameBoy. We provide our color commentary and thoughts about how just terrible I am at these games. Let us know what you think and feel in the comments!

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