Weekly Anime Round-Up: November 19th – November 25th

Fans of Dog Days got some good news this week, since season 3 was officially announced.  Anyone who followed the round-up while season 2 aired probably knows I wasn’t very fond of that season, but apparently it left fans begging for more.  As for the usual round up of shows from this week, Muv Luv has decided to do a recap episode, meaning I didn’t bother watching it.

Busou Shinki:  Episode 8

Ann suddenly finds out that she is somehow turned into a real human, and she even manages to go on a date with her master!  How could this be possible?  Has Ann finally found a way to live her dream, or is she really trapped in a nightmare?

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:  Episode 8
(Despite My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Date!)

Rikka is now forced to face her sister and her past on an empty lot that once contained her late father’s home.  With nothing to look forward to besides sad memories, Rikka runs off to find the first train back to her apartment.  When she finally gets back, however, it seems she is locked out.  Now she will have to stay the night with Yuuta…

Girls and Panzer:  Episode 6

After last week’s disappointing recap episode, we are finally delivered a proper 6th episode.  This week the girls continue their battle against a swarm of Sherman tanks, while also dealing with someone spying on their radio communications.  Can the girls beat overwhelming odds and come out victorious, or will they be stripped of their pride forever?  Watch and see.

Little Busters!  Episode: 8

While still under the scrutiny of the student council’s private “police” force, the Little Busters continue recruiting for the team.  This time they are joined by Kud, the tiny, cute, and goofy girl that rambles in bit of random English for no real reason.  It also seems that Kud needs a roommate, and since she has a problem, the Little Buster’s simply won’t be able to resist helping her solve it.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 19.5

Muv-Luv’s production team has decided to prove they are perhaps the laziest team of all time.  This show has been plagued with several episodes that would be considered filler, and even after airing a filler episode last week, they have delivered the ultimate low-blow:  the recap episode.  Since I already had to sit through a recap episode last week, I decided I wasn’t going to do it again.  I skipped this week’s episode of Muv-Luv, and unless you suffered a brain injury, you should too.

Psycho Pass:  Episode 7

It seems the fear of the enforcers has not been unfounded.  There is a group of people who stay hidden from the watchful eyes of the Sybil system, giving murderers what they need to explore their “creative” side.  As vile as this group may seem, they happen to think a society that drugs up anyone with the slightest sign of stress may not have been the greatest idea.

Robotics Notes:  Episode 7

While most of the robotics club members have gone their separate ways, it would seem there is still a lot going on.  Mysterious events, malfunctions, and conspiracies have all begun to pop up in little ways around the group.  This show is certainly giving me a vibe similar to Steins;Gate when that show took a similar turn.  I’m really looking forward to see how all this turns out, especially with the ending of this episode.

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 9
(From The New World)

Last week’s episode seems to have offended a small chunk of viewers, but if you have still managed to stick around to see what happens next, good for you.  This seemingly slow episode has some pretty shocking storyline twists, so I’m going to avoid saying much.  If anything, watch this week for Saki playing Metal Gear Solid, and for badass cats.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 21

While I admit I have been having fun watching this show, it has moments when the writing just goes full retard.  This episode was full of them.  Asuna discovers some shocking experiments conducted in the game, run by scientists with tentacles that love molesting girls, because the imouto fetish wasn’t enough for ecchi pandering.  Speaking of imoutos, watch Kirito’s sister break down when she realizes she will never get to bang him.  I’m serious, that is what happens this week.  I’m all for ecchi, but all this stuff seems like it was needlessly shoehorned into the show and I feel like it has become more difficult to take this seriously with each episode.  Also, why are the scientist’s avatars tentacle monsters?  WHY?

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 8
(Blast of Tempest/ AKA The Civilization Blaster)

It’s time for the big showdown with the mages that are attempting to revive the deadly tree of exodus.  Even the JSDF and the US military have decided to join the fun, so we will soon get to see the treat of mages fighting Apache helicopters, Abrams tanks, and all the other wonderful toys of modern warfare.  There is some crazy stuff revealed during this episode, so I’m going to stop talking about anything else that happens.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: November 12th – November 18th

This was a fairly slow week for anime news.  Due to production issues, Girls und Panzer aired a recap episode, so don’t get too excited, tank fans.  On that subject, there was news this week that there is a “secret battle” between the Director of GnP and his animators on the subject of pantsu (step up casuals, google it) shots being placed in the show.  While the director forbids them, he also claims he would commend the bravery of animator that defies him.  Oh Japan…

Busou Shinki:  Episode 7

It’s time for another episode of lewd toys doing lewd things.  On a rainly day, the shinki’s must bring an umbrella to their master before he is trapped in the rain, and in the meantime, a shinki from next door drops by for a visit.  Whether or not this shinki is a friend or foe, however, is a question that still needs to be answered.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:  Episode 7
(Despite My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Date!)

Summer vacation has finally arrived, and Rikka’s sister has dragged Yuuta out on a trip to see their family.  It quickly becomes apparent that the burden of Rikka’s past may be what is behind her crazed behavior, and now Yuuta has to figure out what Rikka has been hiding from.  Things actually get serious this week, but trust me, this was an excellent episode that will have you eagerly waiting for next week.

Girls and Panzer:  Episode 5.5

Long story short, a production issue delayed episode six.  In the meantime, you can have this recap episode to cover the whopping 5 episodes of material.  Why?  Because fuck you, that’s why.

Little Busters!  Episode: 7

Now that the Little Busters have put up a middle finger to modern psychology and psychotropic drugs by fixing Komari’s bout with mental illness, it’s time for fun again!  The Buster’s finally return to doing what they do best- screwing around, fighting, and recruiting for what is going to be the worst baseball team in all of history.  This week the busters recruit a new member, Haruka, a “bad girl” that is constantly pestered by the student council’s “public morals” division.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 19

Now that something important is about to happen in the show, it’s time to stall the old fashioned way:  a fan service-laden filler episode.  The top brass are upset with all of the nationalistic hate that has cropped up from the TSF tournament, so they are sending the troops on a trip to build teamwork.  Eventually the troops stumble upon the holy grail of anime fan service settings during their trip through wild Alaska:  hot springs.  This is going to be a hot springs episode, deal with it.

 Psycho Pass:  Episode 6

While looking at the results of the recent series of cases, the enforcers have begun to suspect that there is someone supplying potential murderers with the tools and means to act upon their desires.  As everyone is busy looking through the evidence and trying to understand who could possibly be the mastermind behind this wave of murders, trouble seems to be brewing at a private school.  So much for a utopian society…

Robotics Notes:  Episode 6

While most of the robotics club returns to their usual activities, Kaito continues to investigate the strange building where the ghostly AI resides.  I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure how this plot is going to connect to the original story of high school students having fun with robots, but I suppose I will have to wait and see.  It also seems that Subaru has some trouble coming his way.

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 8
(From The New World)

Shinsekai Yori has decided to take a break from disturbing creatures and confusing storylines this week.  This episode does a time skip of a couple years, and instead of plot-related confusion, it’s time for sexual confusion!  I’m not sure if this stuff was tossed in for fan service or for creating a shock factor, but it is what it is.  At least the fujoshi (google is your friend) have something to look forward to this week.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 20

With Leafa’s old friends facing danger from a trap, Kirito’s lust for video game justice goes into overdrive.  Kirito will do more of what he does best in games:  kicking ass and getting women excited.  This episode features one of the best fights of either season, enjoy!

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 7
(Blast of Tempest/ AKA The Civilization Blaster)

Much like this week’s episode of Muv Luv, this is a filler episode to take up some time before the real fighting begins.  Unlike Muv Luv, however, there is no fan service.  Instead, there is some character building that is actually relevant to the story, so I guess it’s not all bad.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: November 5th – November 11th

We are just about at the halfway-mark for the fall season, and we are really getting into the meat and bones of the newer shows.  So far I’m having a lot of fun this season, and some shows that I did not think I would keep watching are still grabbing my attention.  This week’s round up may be a tad late, since I got my hands on an import of Gal Gun that has been gobbling up my time between work and watching anime.  There are four other shows I picked up that I did not include in the round up, since I’m just catching up on them now.  If I keep up with them I may add a special mention of them at the end of this season.  Stay tuned!

Busou Shinki:  Episode 6

It seems that even in the future, airport security still sucks.  When a group of shinki’s programmed for terrorism sneak out of their luggage to plant a bomb, it makes one wonder why any airline lets robot girls built for combat on a plane in the first place.  Before I give into the urge to make tasteless jokes about a certain event in America that happened over a decade ago; I’m going to mention the shinki’s must fight off shinki terrorists on a plane this week.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:  Episode 6
(Despite My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Date!)

Now that the hobby club has been saved by the fact that everyone in class is a failure at math, the crazy hijinks can continue unabated.  Things get out of hand when Yuuta’s friend Makoto accidentally leaves behind a book containing a list of all the girls in class ranked by cuteness.  Will Yuuta’s male classmates find themselves at the mercy of every girl in class?  Watch for the hilarious conclusion to this series of events.

Girls and Panzer:  Episode 5

I have to admit, this was one of the most drop-worthy shows I picked up this season, but the past few episodes have been surprisingly good.  It would seem that Japan agrees, since this show has been climbing the charts for Blu-ray preorders.  This week showcases a hilarious attempt at recon along with even more exciting tank battles.  This show pushes the boundaries of ridiculousness, and yet it has become frighteningly entertaining.

Little Busters!  Episode: 6

This week continues the story of Komari’s despair.  Thanks to this episode, I will never look at moe girls the same, as sweet, adorable Komari becomes a victim to severe mental illness.  Can the Little Busters help Komari accept the loss of her past and move on, or will she just end up wandering the halls of an institution in a heavily-medicated stupor?  Get your Key-trademarked sadness on and find out!

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 18

This week’s episode sheds some light on why Yuuya’s old friends from the Army are total dicks.  While Yuuya comes to terms with even more baggage from his past, the team does the only thing they are good at besides piloting TSF’s: getting drunk.  On a side note, if the BETA ever does come to Earth, I have decided that I will open a bar near a military base and make a fortune.

Psycho Pass:  Episode 5

Since the “real life” meet up sting operation totally went to shit, it seems there is only one way to find the avatar-stealing murderer: old fashioned detective work.  One of the older members of the enforcers proves that real experience and a love for good booze beats the Sybil system and modern technology.  And of course, we finish with more exploding criminals…

Robotics Notes:  Episode 5

The tone of the show has now begun to diverge from the happy-go-lucky mood of students playing with robots to stranger things.  It seems the modern world has gone through some rather unusual events, and the members of the robotics club have clearly been affected by them.  In addition, a cute AI program shows up voiced by one of my favorite VA’s (voice actor), Rie Kugimiya.

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 7
(From The New World)

It’s finally time for Satoru to throw down with the queerat army, but unfortunately he has exhausted his powers.  There is a lot that went on this episode, and talking about it too much would cause me to divulge spoilers, so I won’t go on about it.  I will say this, though: queerats freak me the fuck out.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 19

This episode has more to offer than delicious Leafa fan service… this time there is some actual fighting!  It seems Leafa’s rivals, the Salamanders, are hunting down Kirito and herself and they have come prepared to do so.  Unfortunately, Kirito must now decide if he should put aside he quest to save Asuna to help out his busty new comrade. (if only poor Kirito knew who she really was…)

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 6
(Blast of Tempest/ AKA The Civilization Blaster)

Now that Yoshino and Mahiro have finally got their hands on a talisman that will help them fight off the mages, a puzzling turn of events has come their way.  The body of the girl that has been leading them all this time has been found, even though they talk to her constantly.  Just when things couldn’t get any stranger the Army jumps in to add to the chaos.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: October 29th – November 4th

Fans of Little Busters have some good news this week:  it seems the team behind the show has promised to deliver more animated content beyond the originally planned 26 episodes.  The objective is to have the routes for each girl from the original VN animated, so no fan is left out.  Fans should be on the lookout for the upcoming episode of the Spoony Bard podcast, which will be all about anime!  Be sure to tune in as Gillman and I talk about the shows I forced him to watch so he can develop a respectable power-level.  Also, I should be getting my hands on a devilishly-ecchi import game for PS3 from Japan this week, so be on the lookout for an upcoming article about my import adventure as well.

Busou Shinki:  Episode 5

This episode starts off with the obligatory swimsuit showcase, as the shinki’s prepare for the big trip to Okinawa.  Unfortunately, the shinki’s are mistakenly left behind for the trip.  Not willing to leave their master crying on the beach in a sad state of solitude, the shinki’s set out on a sexy action-figure version of The Incredible Journey.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:  Episode 5
(Despite My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Date!)

Rikka has a terrible problem, completely unrelated to her outrageous behavior: she sucks at math.  To make matters worse, her teacher has threatened to disband the hobby club if she can’t beat the class average on the next exam.  The end of this episode was really cute; I’m going to leave it at that.

Girls und Panzer:  Episode 4

As the “tankwondo” battle between a rival school rages on, the girls have a great idea: use the local town as a battleground.  With a complete disregard for human life and collateral damage, the girls have brought a stampede of tanks through the city, and strangely enough the locals are delighted.  As silly as all this is, the tank battle was actually quite exciting to watch.

Little Busters!  Episode: 5

Remember when I said most Key productions tend to start off with comedy, only to bring on the sadness?  Yeah, it’s that time.  Prepare to watch the adorable Komari completely fucking lose it when she decides to explore her past, during a date, of all times.   Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you cry by the end of this episode.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 17

Not willing to sit back and let the Soviets have the spotlight in this tournament, America has brought out their advanced stealth Raptor TSF’s piloted by an elite squadron known as the Infinites.  Among the members of the Infinites is an old rival of Yuuya, and he must watch as they decimate the competition until he gets his turn at a fight.  In the meantime, Yuuya will have to settle his differences at the bar, like a true gentleman…

Psycho Pass:  Episode 4

This time the enforcers find themselves up against some tech-savvy criminals that lurk virtual chat rooms and have learned to get around the ever-watchful eyes of the Sibyl system.  It seems the internet of the future has become an even stranger place, where people gather together in a surreal realm full of even stranger avatars.  The hunt for internet-dwelling murderers gets even crazier when the enforcers set up a real life meet up for a sting operation.

Robotics Notes:  Episode 4

When someone in Japan has run out of options to find funding for a giant robot, there is only one place to turn- JAXA.  As Akiho pleads for funds and resources from a space agency and new girl has moved into town, none other than the creator of the famed Kill-Ballad video game and the Gunvarrel anime.  This episode also sheds some light on a mysterious phenomenon that has enveloped some members of the robotics club.

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 6
(From The New World)

It’s time to become bewildered and confused again, because it’s Shinsekai Yori time!  This episode brings out the head scratching right out of the gate, with a confusing sequence of events that allows one of the students to use his abilities again.  There is a surprising amount of action and suspense in this episode as the children decide to bring the fight to these monsters in hopes of getting home alive.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 18

This week in SAO:  fan-service.  This week’s episode features Kirito’s sister in various states of dress and undress, and not so much about online adventuring.  There is a bit of world building about the new game world Kirito is travelling, but not much else.  This episode is somewhat disappointing, but all guilty-pleasure for all the wrong reasons.  Enjoy!

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 5
(Blast of Tempest/ AKA The Civilization Blaster)

Yoshino and Mahiro have set out to find a talisman that can hopefully end all this madness.  Eventually, a trip to an Aquarium full of sea creatures turned into hunks of metal becomes an intense battle for survival.  With their magic powers limited by the talismans they use, Yoshino and Mahiro will have to use their wits to escape their pursuers.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: October 22nd – October 28th

This week is a fairly quiet one in terms of anime news.  The official US release of the first season of “A Certain Magical Index” came out this week, but be warned, I do not recommend it due to some heavily butchered dialogue (in both the dub and the sub versions) according to the few episodes I watched on Funimation’s website.  Also, there is a fairly large storm that is supposed to cause trouble here in the Northeastern US, so if you have electricity it’s a great week to stay inside and watch some anime.

Busou Shinki:  Episode 4

The hard-working “master” of the shinki’s has been toiling away, trying to find a way to afford a vacation for himself and his little helpers.  The ever-diligent shinki’s are not content with simply leaving this task for their master, and have entered a race made by and for the shinki’s in hope of winning the grand prize:  a vacation to Okinawa.  It soon becomes evident that the shinki race judges don’t really care about any of the rules of race they created, so naturally all hell breaks loose.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:  Episode 4
(Despite My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Date!)

When Yuuta is approached by the girl he has a crush on for a weekend date, he has to find a way to keep Rikka and her “disciple” busy so they won’t embarrass him.  It turns out there is more to his crush than meets the eye, and it would also seem that she has ulterior motives for joining the club and meeting up with Yuuta to begin with.  This episode only goes to show that “normals” have nothing better to do that ruin everyone else’s good time.

Girls and Panzer:  Episode 3

It’s time for more cute girls in cute tanks.  With their first combat exercise behind them, the girls must prepare for their next challenge.  A rival school has proposed a tank battle, so the girls are drawing up tactics for how to handle their opponent.  I’m still not sure how I feel about this show, but so far it is just silly and entertaining enough to keep me watching.

Little Busters!  Episode: 4

This episode opens with a short appearance of the fan-favorite character from the VN game, Kud, and her interesting takes on foreign language.  Most of this episode is centered on Komari, whom seems to have some emotional struggles hidden beneath her cheerful exterior.  Eventually Komari and the rest of Busters happily sign up to do something you will never see western high schoolers do: volunteer at a nursing home.  While I expected this part of the episode to get somewhat preachy, it actually turned out to be even more buster antics, and a surprising discovery…

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 16

The first rounds of the TSF tournament have begun, and the Scarlet twins have already shown one team their dominance of the battlefield.  While all this is going on, it seems there is plenty of shady business going on amongst the nations developing TSF’s, as it seems this project isn’t just about learning new ways to defeat the BETA.  Meanwhile, Yuuya finally faces off with his cute new “challenger” from China.

Psycho Pass:  Episode 3

This week the enforcers investigate an accident at a drone factory they suspect to be a murder.  The problem is, the building is shielded from outside networks, meaning the Sibyl system and the Enforcer weapons are useless.  This episode has a very big “Ghost in the Shell” vibe to it, along with a demonstration of just how powerful the enforcer arsenal really is.

Robotics Notes:  Episode 3

The Robotics One tournament has begun, and the club has a secret weapon up their sleeve:  a control system based on the video game Kaito plays all the time.  While the tournament plays out, it would seem that there is much more going on than meets the eye, and it also seems there is a group observing Kaito’s ability.  As the tournament continues, it seems a mysterious masked man is the final obstacle to the victory of the robotics club…

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 5
(From The New World)

Ah, it’s time for this week’s episode of “what the hell is going on?”  The man that has sealed away the powers of the students ends up getting killed defending the group from the seemingly endless swarm of monsters attacking them, leaving the students to fend for themselves without their powers.  While this show is very interesting, many viewers, myself included, find themselves scratching their heads at the end of each episode.  I’m not sure if this is because the story has yet to unfold all of the secrets it has to offer, or if this is the result of poor storytelling.  I guess only time will tell.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 17

In his usual fashion, Kirito shows that he happens to know a thing or two about fighting in online games.  Naturally, this causes yet another female gamer to become attracted to him.  And as a result, he now has a guide to help him fight his way to the Yggdrasil tower to rescue Asuna.  Meanwhile, atop the tower, Asuna struggles to deal with her captor and learns of his plot to use the online technology of this game for human experimentation.

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 4
(Blast of Tempest/ AKA The Civilization Blaster)

With no way to warn others about the “black iron syndrome” thanks to the government cover up, Yoshino and Mahiro decide to take shelter and plan their next move.  This episode is all about the past between Yoshino and Mahiro, and how their “friendship” was formed.  Other than that, there isn’t much to talk about for this week’s fairly unremarkable episode.