Japanese “Cyber-Attack” Detection Software Influenced By Anime

The NCIT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) of Japan has recently unveiled a new system designed to perform surveillance on a part of the internet known as the “darknet”. The darknet is basically the internet’s shady underground – a place where the bad guys of cyber space commit nefarious deeds, such as distributing viruses. NCIT’s new surveillance system, DAEDALUS (Direct Alert Environment for Darknet and Livenet Unified Security), watches over this part of the internet while paying homage to a popular anime series.

The graphical interface of DAEDALUS looks like something right out of Ghost in the Shell, a series of Manga, films, and TV shows about fighting the high-tech crimes of the future. It seems this is more than mere coincidence, since it has been stated that the creator of this system was influenced by the films. Watch the video to see DAEDALUS in action.

Video link:

Source:  Asiajin.com

Sega Now Selling Urinal Video Game

Sega has released a new video game in Japan that will make using a urinal more entertaining than it should be.  Dubbed “Toylet”, this device attaches to an existing urinal and uses a sensor that measures pressure and volume to play games on the device.  The short games consist of activities such as filling coffee cans, creating wind to blow up a reporter’s skirt, and trying to get a man to squirt milk from his nose.

After the game is finished the screen will display ads placed by the operator.  This game system has been tested in Tokyo at select locations, and business owners claim the game has been beneficial.  Products advertised on the Toylet show increased sales; customers stay for the attraction of the unusual game, and the incentive for players to “concentrate” while using the urinals keeps the bathrooms cleaner.  Check out the video below to see one of the Toylet games in action!

Source:  Wired.com

Varms.Net: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza: Episode 3

The third Episode has finally appeared, to the happiness of none! If you are like the rest of the world and could totally wait, here it is! Watch as Stark and Gillman continue playing through the First Yakuza game!

Varms.Net Presents: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza: Episode 2

Episode 2 time ya’ll, and Stark and I haven’t even really started drinking yet.  Watch as we play our way through the most important game of 7 years ago.  Also, if any of you would like this in additional, downloadable formats, please let me know.  I am able to make this a podcast on iTunes without much effort, so if you are looking for something like that, we can make it happen.

Varms.Net Presents: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza

Our newest podcast, an attempt to play through all of the first Yakuza game while recording a conversation and drinking beer.  If you would like to have this on iTunes to download, or any ideas let us know.