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Nick and Dan, long time best friends in the entire universe, finally decide that it is long since time that they did some kind of amazing stream together. This is that stream, that story and that journey. Would you join us, every Tuesday night?

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Square Enix Losing Money

lara death 1

For you or I it might not be that uncommon to enter the end of the year with a lower bank account statement than last year, sure it is something that we try to avoid but it is always kind of hard to not spend a little extra around Christmas.  For Square-Enix, on the other hand, their “little less” for this year is around 134 million USD (or 13.5 billion yen if you want to make it sound like a more unreasonable amount of money).  The reason for the short fall, interestingly, is being firmly placed on anything that wasn’t developed in Japan—you know, the titles that they released that either managed to be released anywhere outside of Japan, are not pointless cash-ins, or aren’t a floundering MMO.

It is interesting that of all of the bestselling games that came out, for months, most of them happened to be in some way connected to Square-Enix.  Tomb Raider was at the top of the charts for more than a month and it still managed to be treated as “underperforming”.  I would normally say something about worrying that Square is going to take the wrong message from this, but they have already stated that they have.  It isn’t that these games didn’t make money for the company, they did, the company projected that they would do more to offset the cost of other, probably terrible and Final Fantasy based, products.  Because aside from cellphone games that reuse sprites from two decade old games and charge you 2 dollars for a new character, I don’t even know what that company makes any more.

Source: JoyStiq

No White Knight Needed

My main complaint with the state of video game journalism is that every single thing that is reported is mainly reactionary.  When the new voice for Lara Croft was shown people said it was the worst impression of an English accent they had ever heard.  That voice actress turns out to be English born, from England—the birthplace of Dr. Who, crumpets, and English accents.  The problem is how the success of news and articles has begun to be gauged, you need to be first and you need to get the most hits.  This has led to an epidemic of half assed reporting, complete lack of corrections, and sensationalization that would make Jerry Springer call foul.

The best example of this process can clearly be seen with the various articles popping up around the net about the objectification of women in the gaming industry.

In truth all mediums of entertainment objectify everything that is involved, from movies to video games people want an idealized view of what their heroes look like. Sadly that is just how imagination works.  Picturing Lara Croft as a fantastically breasted college girl going wild on some island that time forgot to allow technology on is not only a concise synapsis of most  Tomb Raider fan fiction, but by nature of how entertainment mediums work, also something that was bound to be turned into a video game.

Due to the aforementioned reasons that everything reported online sucks it seems to be the nature of everyone involved to just expect the worst out of everything that could possibly go wrong.  When it was announced that a game may contain an attempted rape scene it was instantly assumed that it would be handled poorly and be the single thing that ends all video games as we know them.  Yes, it is a delicate subject; that does not mean that everyone who is making this experience is actively out to make the most offensive experience known to organic life.

When it comes right down to it most gamers don’t really care that much about booth babes or attractive women in video games, if they did things like The Guy Game or Playboy the Game would be on their 90th edition having sold billions of copies.  Instead we have games like Tetris, random Nintendo games, and Call of Duty being the top selling titles.  When it comes down to it gamers just care about the games themselves and women don’t need random internet personalities trying to be their White Knights.