Weekly Anime Round-Up: September 17th – September 23rd

The summer season is coming to an end, and on that note two awesome shows aired their last episodes this week.  Accel World and Yuru Yuri are over, and both shows will be missed.  The weekly round-up may start to trim down for a bit during these next couple weeks as more shows finish up, but don’t worry, they will soon be replaced by a handful of new shows I plan on watching for the Fall season.

Accel World:  Episode 24 End

The final battle is Dusk Taker is underway, and now the pressure is on Haru to prove his worth to the Nega Nebulous legion.  As this story arc comes to an end, it seems there are still many questions left behind about the true nature of Brain Burst.  This show is selling reasonably well, and even has an upcoming PSP game in Japan; so there is a good chance we will get another season down the road.  This was one of my favorite shows of the year so far, and a big contender for my top 10 shows of the year.

Dog Days Season 2:  Episode 12

With only one episode left, the action and drama is getting intense for Shinku and friends.  Nah, just kidding- like the rest of this season, not much of interest happens this week.  It may seem premature to criticize this show before it’s finished, but I’m going to say this was one of the biggest flops of the season, and a huge disappointment.  I honestly have contemplated dropping this a few times over the course of the season, but I held on purely due to my love of the first season.  The cute, fun, and light-hearted nature of the original has somehow been confused with filler-grade fluff this time around, and this episode was more of it.  Even a mind-blowing final episode next week won’t make up for this season, but I’ll be sure to gripe about it when the time comes.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate:  Episode 11
(Love, Election, and Chocolate)

Now that Yuuki knows the truth behind the so-called “Public Safety Committee”, he finds out his political career may be over before it has even started.  There is a lot that happens this week, and this article would be spoiler-tastic if I went on about what happened.  Stop reading this and go watch, NOW.

Kono Naki ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru!:  Episode 11
(One of Them is my Little Sister!)

As “Mister X” continues to help Shougo stop the plot to take over the company, Miyabi has decided to step up her game and ask Shougo on an actual date.  Unfortunately, Shougo’s doubts about the girls he had finally begun to trust are becoming more intense as new facts come to light.  Will Shougo ever be able to get some without ruining a chance to run a massive corporation and become stupid rich?  Hopefully we will find out next week!

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Season 2:  Episode 11
(Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

As Tenzou races to save his love interest, the battle against the Spanish Armada continues at a furious pace, and this is only the first half of the fight!  If there is one thing that is certain, this season of Horizon is certainly not lacking in the action department.  The entire second half of this season has been nothing but Horizon’s trademark wacky combat, and this has been one hell of a fun ride.  Next week will likely wrap up this story arc, so get ready for things to get even crazier.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou:  Episode 11
(The Ambition of Oda Nobuna)

Word has reached Nobuna that Sagara did not survive his last battle (?), and she is not taking it well.  Now the rest of the crew has to find a way to calm Nobuna’s rage before she uses her military might to crush the will of the people she was working to unite.  Next week is the final episode, so we will have to see what happens then…

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 12

Yui desperately struggles to find a way to destroy the radiation cannon in order to keep it out of Soviet hands, while also dealing with a horde of BETA without a TSF.  Can Yui survive a swarm of hungry, hungry BETA long enough to accomplish her mission?  Will she ever just admit that she secretly wants to bang Yuuya?  We have yet another half of this season to find out!

Sword Art Online:  Episode 12

A member of the Liberation Army requests help from Kirito and Asuna to rescue someone who has been trapped in a secret dungeon beneath Beginner Town.  A sudden encounter with a high level monster reveals the shocking truth behind the mysterious girls Kirito and Asuna have been taking care of.  On a side note, it seems the popularity of this show has spawned an equal amount of haters out there.  The funny thing is, even though this show is only halfway over, I’m already considering it for an AOTY contender.  Haters gonna hate…


This time the Yuri’s have decided to do Snow White and the 7 Dwarves for a school play.  This ridiculous rendition of a fairy tale classic turned out to be a hilarious way to end the season.  I had almost as much fun watching this as I did watching Nyarlko from the spring season, and I will surely miss the joy of Yuru Yuri Mondays.

[Not Very] Weekly Anime Round-Up: August 27th – September 16th

Okay anime fans, I messed up.  The boring and wretched toils of real, non-2D life got ahold of me for a few weeks, so the “weekly” round-up did not happen for a bit.  A combination of working massive amounts of overtime, moving to a new city, and waiting to have precious internet installed had forced me to put the round-up on a temporary hiatus.  Fortunately I found a way to marathon 3 weeks’ worth of anime and get caught up with the important things in life, such as futuristic online gaming, mecha combat, and teenage time-traveling lesbians.  For the sake of brevity and brining things back to the status quo, I’m going to jump right into the current episodes.

Accel World:  Episode 23

Now that Haru has figured out the secret behind Dusk Taker’s ability to stay hidden from match lists, he has finally decided to confront him before his master returns.  Dusk Taker has challenged Haru and Taku to a match that will put everyone’s burst points on the line- the winner will take a huge pile of burst points, the loser will lose everything and have Brain Burst forcefully uninstalled forever.  I also discovered something interesting during the past few episodes:  it turns out this show and Sword Art Online both take place in the same universe, and both franchises were written by the same author.

Dog Days Season 2:  Episode 11

Now that the “war” between the three kingdoms has come to pass, it will only be a matter of time before Shinku and company will have to return to Earth.  Naturally, this means it’s time for a body-switching episode, since no one has used that cliché for a while.  This episode was filler-tastic, which is pretty disappointing considering this season may only have one or two episodes remaining.  However, there is some fun in watching Shinku try and deal with being stuck in the body of a large-breasted ninja…

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate:  Episode 10
(Love, Election, and Chocolate)

After Yuuki survives his close brush with death, he now has to deal with a literal “clinger”.  To make matters worse, Yuuki has discovered that the group sponsoring his candidacy has a rather shady background.  This episode of full of drama and political thrills, not to mention some shocking revelations…

Kono Naki ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru!:  Episode 10
(One of Them is my Little Sister!)

Shougo has finally found his real sister, and has decided to go back to finding a bride.  Unfortunately, his bride hunt will have to wait until he deals with that little conspiracy take control of his father’s company.  Can Shougo foil the plot to steal what is rightfully his before it is too late?  Looks like we will have to watch and see!

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Season 2:  Episode 10
(Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

The battle with the Spanish Armada is finally underway, and even though the Spanish fleet is destined to “lose” this battle according to the plan, they intend to sink the Musashi no matter what.  As the battle rages on, some of the crew has moved into England in order to help Tenzou save his newfound love… and get some revenge on the Trumps of England.  Prepare yourselves for even more spectacular, over-the-top action this week!

Oda Nobuna no Yabou:  Episode 10
(The Ambition of Oda Nobuna)

Sagara is beginning to feel the consequences of tampering with the past, as he finds the events around him are growing more difficult to predict.  Just as he begins to question how he can still be useful to Nobuna without being able to use knowledge of the future, one of the most critical battles in this era is about to take place.  There are some really crazy things that happen during this episode, so to avoid any nasty spoilers I’m not going to say anything else.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 11

A swarm of BETA rushing the base seems to be bad enough news, but things go from bad to worse when everyone figures out that the Soviets “allowed” this to happen.  It seems the Reds really want Japan’s shiny new radiation cannon for themselves, and will do anything to have it.  Can the team figure out a way to fight off the BETA and keep those dirty commies from stealing that really awesome gun?

Sword Art Online:  Episode 11

Kirito and Asuna have finally tied the knot, or at least they have in the virtual world.  In order to celebrate, they have decided to take a temporary leave from the guild and buy a home together.  As they go about enjoying their new lives together, they stumble upon a mysterious lost girl that has no name or stats, unlike a normal player.  Now the newlyweds have set out to return this lost girl home, and hopefully find her parents in the game world.

Yuru Yuri Season 2:  Episode 11

This week the girls discover a time machine just lying about the clubhouse for absolutely no reason.  Naturally, this causes Akari to accidentally get sent 1 year into the past.  Akari ends up trapped in the past when she finds out the time machine is broken, and she will need the help of a certain explosion-loving scientist in order to get back to the future.  In the meantime, Akari makes several attempts to alter her past in hopes of securing her place as the “main character” of the group.  The only bad thing about this episode is knowing there will only one more episode of this show left.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: August 19th – August 26th

This week Kono Naki plays catch-up by delivering a double dose this week to make up for the time lost to the Olympics.  We are finally entering the second half of this season, and the hype for the fall season is already building up.  In other news, it was recently announced that the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise of RPG’s will be getting the anime treatment, a nice tidbit of news for those overlapping fans of anime and video games.

Accel World:  Episode 20

With the side story from the last two weeks finally over, we finally get to see what becomes of Haru and Taku as they fight Dusk Taker… and Chiyuri.  The intensity of the fight causes Haru to unleash a frightening new power, just as the match ends due to time.  There is plenty more rage to be had when Haru and Taku confront Chiyuri about her betrayal.

Dog Days Season 2:  Episode 8

As the three kingdoms prepare for a major event, Becky and Biscotti have a chat about where they stand about pursuing a relationship with Shinku.  Meanwhile, a lost spirit now turned into a literal cat burglar plagues the kingdom with a taste for all things shiny and expensive.  This felt a lot like a filler episode, but next week there should be some great action when the “war” begins again.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate:  Episodes 7
(Love, Election, and Chocolate)

With a victory in the primaries in the bag, the gang prepares for their next step in the election.  In the meantime, Yuuki has an interesting confrontation with Chisato in the bath, and then finds himself in a huge bind when he tries to help his drunken teacher.  What is the lesson of the day?  Leave drunk people alone.

Kono Naki ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru!:  Episode 6&7
(One of Them is my Little Sister!)

Shougo eliminates yet another girl from the list of potential imoutos… but he is still full of doubts about the entire situation.  He finally decides to do the smart thing and employ DNA testing in order to find some relief, and possibly score.  Leave it to the creative minds of the Japanese to find a way to make a DNA cheek swab perverse…  Oh, and brace yourself for some heavy-handed censorship in episode 6.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Season 2:  Episode 7
(Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

As the dust settles from the huge fight with the Trumps of England, the crew decides to make their plea to gather the Armaments of deadly sins.  The tension rises as the execution of Bloody Mary draws closer and a war for the purpose of re-creating history is brewing. Unfortunately, the crew of the Musashi will have to bargain with England’s queen, and she is not amused.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou:  Episode 7
(The Ambition of Oda Nobuna)

Nobuna continues her conquest, and attempts to fill in a power vacuum left by a fallen shogunate.  Sagara uses some spare time to wander about, only to run into a nun in distress and yet another young warrior.  Altogether this was a fairly uneventful episode.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 8

The team arrives in the Soviet Union and is preparing to test a new TSF weapon in live combat against the BETA.  Unfortunately it would seem there are members of the Soviet Union should not be considered “comrades”, as poor Inia discovers.  It seems next week we will finally be able to see some decent fighting against the BETA, so look forward to it.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 8

Two years have passed in the game at this point, and it seems most of the players have adjusted to their new lives.  There are growing signs that many players have grown complacent, and have even lost their desire to finish the game and return to reality.  Kirito eventually finds himself having to help Asuna deal with an obsessive guild member that challenges him to a duel.

Yuru Yuri Season 2:  Episode 8

Kyouko and the girls are working on her manga, while trying to ensure that Chinatsu does not “help”.  The girls also go out for some karaoke, and Chinatsu goes on a “date”.  Chinatsu hatches a plan to go to a horror movie in order to make a move, only to have it horribly backfire.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: July 1st – July 7th

The summer season has finally started, and with the new season come some changes to the weekly round-up.  First and foremost, there will be more shows in the round up than ever before.  This season tends had lots of stuff that I was interested in watching, as well as new seasons of old personal favorites, along with some shows from the spring season that are still coming along.  I have never before found myself watching so many shows that were currently airing, and it is possible there may be even more coming to the round up.  On another side note, I am now starting the week on Sundays and ending it on Saturdays, in order to adjust for the massive amount of Sunday releases this season, and juggling the time to watch them all.

Accel World:  Episode 13

This week Chiyuri finally puts her foot down and decides it is time to join Taku and Haru in this so-called “Brain Burst” thing she has heard so much about.  The crew is shocked to discover that Chiyuri’s Brain Burst avatar is a rare find, a healer class, the third one to appear in the entire history of the game.  It also seems that healer class characters are so rare factions have gone to war in order to recruit them.  Not only do Haru and Taku have to deal with keeping Chiyuri safe, but they also wind up being charged with protecting their territory as Black Lotus will have to leave for an upcoming trip.  Oh, and a mysterious new student appears at school.

AKB0048:  Episode 10

This week the girls learn about another aspect of idol life: gravure photography/obligatory swimsuit episodes.  Amidst the swimsuits, fanservice, and some very interesting side effects from jellyfish stings, Yuko continues to investigate some of the darker secrets involving the group.  It would seem there is a reason no one has been a “center nova” of the group for a few generations…

Arcana Famiglia:  Episode 1

Here is one of the first new shows that popped up for the summer season.  Arcana Famiglia is about an organization called the Famiglia that protects an island nation from crime and other threats.  The Famiglia is kind of like an anime version of the mafia, but they are good guys that fight with guns, swords, and magic.  Each member of the Famiglia has made a contract with a special card that grants them a unique ability.  This episode started off with a nice dose of action along with some world-building, and it looks like this could shape up to be a very entertaining show.

Dog Days Season 2:  Episode 1

For those new to Dog Days, this show about an athletic boy that is summoned to the magical land of the Flonyard, a place where kingdoms wage competitive “wars” where citizens fight rival kingdoms with weapons and sorcery for money and glory.  Don’t go thinking this is some kind of blood-and-guts medieval gore-fest like Berserk, the battles fought are more of a wargame where no one is really hurt, the worst that can happen is a temporary transformation into a “beast-ball.”  Think of this as a super cute version of the TV show “Ninja Warrior”, but with large scale battles and magic.  Things do get serious from time to time however as there are demons that roam the land that certainly mean business.  The premise of this show may seem silly, but there is tons of fun to be had here- this show has everything from awesome fights to the typical anime fare of moe girls delivering heart-attack inducing levels of cuteness.

This episode kicks off with Cinque being summoned back to the Flonyard as he promised at the end of the first season, this time with his childhood friend Becky at his side.  This time around the Galette Lion Army has decided to summon a hero of their own- Cinque’s rival Nanami, the girl that defeated him in the Iron Athletics (Think Ninja Warrior) game show back home.  It also seems another faction is seeking a hero to join the war as well…

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate:  Episode 1
(Love, Election, and Chocolate)

This show is based on a 2010 adult visual novel game for the PC.  This story takes place in a somewhat futuristic setting at a large school with thousands of students.  The school has a wide variety of clubs, but the new person running for student council president has plans to eliminate clubs deemed to be “useless.”  A plucky group of students from the “food research club” have decided to fight for their right to exist by sending one of their own to campaign for student council president.  Early in this episode, however, it is shown that the politics of this school are much more cutthroat and dangerous than anyone could imagine!  This show looks like it is going to bring slice of life antics with political intrigue and a dash of dark conspiracy on the side.

Kono Naki ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru!:  Episode 1
(One of Them is my Little Sister!)

Shougo is about to inherit his father’s corporation, but as a condition of the inheritance he must find a bride before he graduates high school, and he is placed in an academy full of girls to find one.  Now the girls are flocking right to him, but there is one problem- a girl claiming to be his sister, separated at birth, is also attending this academy, and she is keeping her identity hidden.  Now Shougo not only has to figure out what girl is right for him, but he also has to make sure she isn’t his sister.  This is a typical harem/ecchi/comedy with the imouto (sister) thing tossed in for a twist.  Is this nothing but another shameless, perverse comedy?  Yup.  Am I going to watch this show and add it to the weekly round-up?  You damn right I am.  Now if only I could figure out why I have that craving for cream puffs lately…

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Season 2:  Episode 1
(Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

This is the second season of last year’s surprise hit, Horizon.  If you are not familiar with Horizon, it is a crazy mix of sci-fi, comedy, action, politics, and tons of fanservice.  This is a show that many will either love or hate, but if you can dig it, it’s one hell of a ride.  This season picks up right where things left off the first time, with Tori leading everyone on their quest to gather the Divine Armaments from around the world.  This show opens up at the usual frantic pace of action and storytelling, with plenty of laughs on the side.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 1

This show is a spinoff from a hugely popular sci-fi visual novel game, Muv-Luv Alternative.  This story takes place on a version of Earth that has been at war with an alien race known as BETA since the 1950’s.  The BETA serves no other purpose other than the annihilation of mankind, and the war has become so brutal that even students are asked to fight in the war.  This show has generated a lot of hype and has a lot to offer, since it comes from a beloved franchise, and promises lots of mecha combat and girls in sexy pilot suits.  Unfortunately this show seems to suffer from a very low budget, which can be seen by the poor coloring and shadowing throughout the episode.  Despite these flaws, I’m going to give this show a chance, since I’m a sucker for sci-fi and mecha, not to mention the fact that it is based off of legendary source material.

Space Brothers:  Episode 14

And so it’s another week of test chamber adventures.  This episode puts the spotlight on the oldest of the astronaut candidates, a former rocket designer in his 50’s.  As he deals with memories of his family falling apart as he chased his dreams, more bad fortune comes his way as another of the candidates steps on his glasses.  This simple event has caused the tension to rise for all of the candidates, with guilt and contempt simmering amongst the group.  Things are certainly getting interesting, and the JAXA staff in charge of the test almost seems to be enjoying this turn of events.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 1

SAO is one of the most highly anticipated shows of this season, and for good reason.  SAO is based on a light novel series that has been running for over 10 years.  In the year 2022, a VR gaming system called “Nervegear” has yet to have a big hit game, until an MMO called Sword Art Online released the first 10,000 copies.  Things seem to be going well for everyone until the creator of the game shows up with some bad news.  Without getting into great detail, it seems there are only two ways to end the game- complete all 100 levels and escape, or die.  It seems the creator tweaked the software to turn the Nervegear console into a deathtrap that will fry the brain of any player that dies in the game, or if someone from the outside tries to remove the console.  So far this show looks like it will be a better version of the popular .Hack franchise from years ago.  (It should be noted that the SAO light novels have been around before .Hack was a thing, just in case anyone thinks this show was stealing some ideas…)

Yuru Yuri Season 2:  Episode 1

This is yet another fan-anticipated sequel that popped up this season.  Yuru Yuri is a slice of life/comedy show featuring a group of girls that have formed the amusement club, a school club about, well, amusement.  With the phrase “yuri” in the title, it should be noted that most of the girls in this show have crushes on each other, but that is not necessarily the focus of this show, as it tends to be part of the comedy.  This show is all about being a goofy, light-hearted comedy, and it does so exceedingly well.  Like any of the sequel series from this season, you will be lost if you did not watch the first season, so if you are interested you should check it out.  In this episode Akari finally gets the recognition she deserves… or does she?