Zombie like Crimes Continue through Eastern USA

Yesterday two different crimes that could fall into the “zombie outbreak stories” section of history occurred.  One in what will be known as the outbreak capital of the world, Miami Florida, the other a short jump away in Louisiana.

The first crime was a 21 year old arrested for disorderly conduct.  Upon being placed in custody he claimed that he was going to eat the police officer and began bashing his head off the Plexiglas in the cruiser.  If that wasn’t enough to freak out any sane person, and possibly require a change of underwear, the youth also started gnashing his teeth like some kind of rabid chinchilla.  During his trial it was both revealed that he was on all kinds of drugs at the time and that he now has “no memory” of any of the events that happened.

Probability it was a zombie: Low.  Zombies don’t get better and fail drug tests the next day.

Source: OpposingViews.com

The other story takes place in Louisiana, where a man was found eating another man’s face.  This time the attacker seems to be fully clothed.  A friend of the victim claims that the attacker—Car, who names their child Car— was on “bath salts” at the time, although I don’t know what kind of friend you are when you don’t stop someone from eating your buddies face.  The victim is reported to be recovering, but there is no mention on what happened to the attacker.

Probability it was a zombie: Bath Salts seem to be linked an awful lot to face eating.  There are also several issues with this story that don’t really fit together, so higher than I think anyone would like.

Source: OpposingViews.com

The Zombie Apocalypse is Spreading up the East Coast

I have reported twice on odd happenings that seem to be the start of a zombie outbreak, most of those happening seems to have been taking place in Florida.  Late last week, though, it seems that some of the madness has been moving up the coast, and has gotten as far as northern New Jersey.  While some people might argue about the validity of calling this all zombies, it should be pointed out that this is super creepy that it is happening so quickly, and so closely together.

A man was captured after he reportedly ate another human’s heart and part of his brain in Baltimore.  The worst part is that this came just days after he assaulted another man and attempted to beat him to death, only to be released on bail to find and attack another, this time by almost dissecting him and hiding different parts in his house while eating others.  I think this might be the first time in recorded history that someone was almost beaten to death and ended up feeling lucky about it.

Source: Fox News

Too bad that wasn’t the worst thing that happened:

Police responded to a call about a man with a knife who was threatening to harm himself.  Too bad that no one described how, or in what way this guy was planning on doing so.  When the police arrived they found the man in a corner stabbing himself in his abdomen.  When they tried to talk to/help him he responded by throwing pieces of his own flesh and intestines at them.  Clearly sensing that they were out matched they retreated, and it took the swat team to subdue him.  The worst part is that the man lived through all of this.

Source: Huffington Post

Most importantly I want to give a shout out/link to the Daily Beast that is promising to update a Google map of all of the insanity as it unfolds.  It might not sound like much at first, but when you think about it, you want to know how close to you this thing is getting.  There are many naysayers of all of this, and while it might not be zombies (even though it probably is) something weird is happening.

Map Link: Daily Beast

Zombie Outbreak in Florida Looking More and More Possible

A couple of days ago I reported that there was a man in Florida that tried to eat another man’s face off his head (which can be found here).  It turns out that was just the start of some real world zombie movie that is starting to break out in America’s lowest state.  There is an link that lists everything in chronological order that I have added to at the bottom of the article, but I will be addressing some of the more interesting happenings in kind of a more logical story telling sense.

A handful of students were walking from one class to another when all of a sudden they started to break out in some kind of mysterious rash.  This might not seem like it was that giant of an issue, except for the fact that a hazmat team seemed to instantly show up and usher every one who was exposed and had developed rashes out and away from the school. It is also noted that people who were inside at the time did not become infected.  For some reason the school remained open.

Source: Huffington Post

That is too bad because it happened again, this time at another school.  The hazmat team showed up, again, and took the entire class away.  The difference between this and the last incident was that everyone from this event was inside and the rashes were reported to have started breaking out around their wrists.  This news article says that the class had been released, which I don’t know if that is a good thing or what caused everything else.

Source: Miami Herald

The next day hazmat appeared again, this time at a school bus instead of the school proper.  A large percent of the vehicle was reporting having issues breathing.  This time it was blamed on the bus drive and pesticides with a story of him cleaning up a child’s vomit.   That might sound probable if it was for some much other random stuff happening in schools.  It sounds more like the child was starting to show signs and started to infect everyone else instead of some cleaner used to mop up vomit.

Source: Wesh.com

Don’t worry, it isn’t just schools that have been infected, the Airport has its own issues too.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport had some kind of random aerosol attack that managed to make several people ill, two passengers and three workers ended up being hospitalized from this.  Not enough?  A week later a man flew into Florida and was attacking so strangely that he had to be subdued by passengers, which not sound weird but he was Canadian.  Canadians are none for never having any kind of issues ever.

Aerosol Source: WPTV

Crazy Canadian Source: Fox News

In the outside world you have people biting each other, one who pleads with the random woman to not call the cops on him and another who decided to bite his cousin’s nose off of his face.  So in the wild world it seems that the zombies are starting to get out, and possibly have some reasoning skills left to almost know how weird their flesh lust is before they turn.  This isn’t science or anything, but I am interested that in the real world it seems to be slowly infecting the living before they need to be taken down.

Face Biting Source: MySuburbanLife

Cousin’s Noise Source: NBC

For me the weirdest is that an anesthesiologist was arrested for seemingly driving while intoxicated, the oddness starts that he had over 50,000 dollars on him and in the car when he was pulled over.  The entire time he was acting odd and seeming to request to be let go, you know so he could flee. While in the back of the police car he continued to oddness, but this time by smashing his head on the glass.  When the cops came to check on him he started vomiting blood on them.  Keep in mind this is the same day that the naked man ate the homeless guy that I first reported.  It kind of sounds like this guy got infected and knew what was coming and tried to run.

Source: ABCnews

Original Source: BoingBoing

Possible Zombie Outbreak Starts in Miami

Police shot and killed a naked man that they found eating another person’s face off near a bike path in Miami Florida.  Police yelled for the cannibal to stop, to which he replied only in grunts.  A police officer then shot him, which reportedly had no impact on the man.  The officer was then forced to shoot several more times (between three and six additional shots depending on accounts) before the man simply slumped forward.  Strangely enough the man who was eating the other was reported “dead,” and the face eaten guy was reported in “serious condition” but nothing else.  Kind of sounds odd and like a zombie cover up.

Sure, this could be something as simple as angel dust or bath salts that caused the guy to go insane and start stripping naked and eating another human, or it could be the entirely more logical thing of zombies.  The best part of this story, that wasn’t reported in every source as there are dozens of them, is that this happened right next to the Miami Herald headquarters.  Stupidly enough they were not the first people to cover the story, which is kind of stupid—and I ended up hearing about it first on Smodcast instead of reading it online.

Source: ABCNew.go