Douchebag Video Game Villains: Meet Albedo from Xenosaga

Albedo starts with humble beginnings as a young URTV… a bio-engineered weapon designed to kill a god from another dimension.  After years of training alongside his brothers Rubedo, and Nigredo, poor Albedo discovers that he is immortal.  Most people would think this is kind of sweet, but not Albedo.  Instead he becomes driven insane by the fact that he will outlive his dear brothers… and decides the best way to deal with his new-found affliction is to DESTROY THE UNIVERSE.

Albedo starts off his plan with humble beginnings… by gathering up the abandoned works of the notorious scientist Joachim Mizrahi.  Most scientists stick to making sweet computers for us to play video games on, but Joachim loved building terrible crap that brings new meaning to the term WMD.  So now Albedo has a machine that summons the deadly and unstoppable gnosis, lovingly named The Song of Nephilim, a huge space station called Proto Merkabah, the Xenosaga equivalent of the Death Star… and a harem of underage girl robots…

Now armed with enough firepower to destroy every planet in sight and enough underage girls to land him in prison for 10 life sentences, Albedo decides to pal around with U-TIC… a terrorist group that simply wants to find the long lost planet earth… even if that means killing a god and trashing the entire universe in the process.  But even all this power is not enough for Albedo.  He is out to torment his younger brother Rubedo (now called Jr.) by screwing with his band of friends determined to save the universe… and by kidnapping and molesting their friend/android/top-secret project, MOMO.  Unfortunately, MOMO’s head contains the Y-data, a collection of information that can seriously mess up the whole universe

Eventually Albedo gets the top-secret, universe-wrecking knowledge out of little MOMO (big surprise), and makes contact with U-DO, the god-like entity that has had everyone in the universe scared senseless.  Now this wack-job has become god.  What does Albedo do with this ability?

He lets his brother kill him… in one of the lamest boss fights of all RPG history.

If you ever suffer through Xenosaga 2 (AKA the “bad Xenosaga episode”) you will know this.

While this will not be the last anyone ever hears from Albedo (he returns in the last Xenosaga for even more douche-baggery), his lifetime of wacky freak outs, mass murder, and disturbing sex crimes has landed him the title of not only being a villain, but a douche bag.  And just for kicks, here is some disturbing cosplay to leave you awake at night.

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