The story of how you helped Japan through knitting

Hello there!  Instead of making fun of TV, I am making a plea to you, the reader, to help my nerdy friends and I help Japan. After all, they invented most of the stuff you love, like Nintendo, sudoku, Toyota Corollas, hojicha and  several dozen varieties of daikaiju.

My primary existence on the Intarwebz is as the administrator of an online knitting competition for geeks called Nerd Wars on a site called Ravelry (which is 2 parts yarn/fiber/pattern database and 1 part social networking for fiber enthusiasts).

This month, Nerd Wars competitors have been challenged with doing things to help Japan.  They’ve purchased knitting and crocheting patterns from designers who are sending proceeds to the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders, they’ve made direct donations, they are sending handknit socks directly to Japan, and they are donating items to be auctioned off on eBay.

I am here to ask you to help.  There are some beautiful items on our eBay auction.  They are all either handcrafted, or knitting-related, and more items are being posted every day.  Click the button to go directly to our listings.

Bid today!  Help Japan!

One of these items may make a great gift, or bid on it for yourself.  100% of the proceeds will be going to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund – a Global Giving Project.

Plus, where else can you get a handmade plushy Captain Malcolm Reynolds? (Here’s a preview – the auction will be up in a couple of days so keep checking back!)

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I want to knit a blanket of the undersea level of Super Mario Bros.