Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 31: It’s Illegal and Disgusting

There are times that I am sitting here and uploading the podcast to the server and I don’t even know what to write here about it.  It is clearly the longest one that we have ever done, clocking in around two hours and twenty minutes, it also ends with Stark yelling about Breaking Bad and how he can’t enjoy anything that may ever encourage anyone to do Crystal Meth.  Glad that we could fit a PSA in at the end, but I thought that this was supposed to be a geek podcast about video games and nerd stuff. Although there is about two hours before that where we talk about the finer things in life, like Shadow Run, Duke Nukem Forever, and complain about Final Fantasies again.  A full episode to be sure.

Also I promised a link to the best screen saver ever and here it is: http://www.ubernes.com/nesscreensaver.html


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