5% Chance on Hacking a System Due to Common Password

Good news for people looking into hacking into any system that there is, out of a ton of people polled over 5% of them all chose the same password.  The best part of the entire experience, the erroneous code was simply Password1.  Granted, it is easy to remember, is long enough to pass most filters, and has a capital letter and number.  Thankfully the place I work for wouldn’t allow it simply because there is two of the same letter in it.  I just want to know how not clever 5% of the population feel right now.

What I really want to know is who takes a survey that asks for your user password.  I don’t know about most people out there, but almost everything that I have that even requires a password flat out says that tech support will never ask for the password to my account—giving it to someone who claims to be doing a “survey” just sounds like a straight up scam.  All I need to do now is assemble a crack team of hackers and break into that company to gather the world’s largest supply of passwords and usernames.

Source: Geek.com

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