Relationship between Man and Worm Exposed

Evidence is being brought forth of the humble beginnings of man, turns out that we probably evolved from some form of worm well over half a billion years ago.  While the evidence isn’t anything that would shock most scientific types, a worm with a very simple and very small –only able to be seen under an electron microscope—beginnings of a spinal cord.  Don’t get too excited, because this new links relationship to man is only inclusive as literally every other vertebrate in the world.  Although not off hand that impressive, it pretty much is a definite link between vertebrates and invertebrates that hadn’t been proven until now even after about a hundred years of looking.

Probably the only super interesting thing about this find is that fossils has been in possession of science, and known about since around 1911, but it wasn’t until the birth of disco in the 70’s that people started thinking that this might be an evolutionary step they had been looking for.  Now 40 years later we have proof of that.  Say what you want to about science, they manage to get the best results super and amazingly quickly. Go Science!


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