Burglar Steals Xbox 360 and Wii, Leaves behind his Playstation 3

Recently a man in Bay City, Michigan, was arrested for the theft of an Xbox 360 Elite, a Nintendo Wii, a GPS unit, and $250, yet strangely leaving behind his own PlayStation 3. What could be the motivation behind such a crime? Could this be the most insane statement ever made by a system fanboy? The answer is pills.

It turns out the suspect, Joshua Beck, just can’t get enough of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, and stole these items in order to pay for his habit. Even worse it turns out this junkie is friends with the victim, and even attempted to convince his friend to sell off the game consoles for money earlier that day. Beck has been arraigned with 2nd degree home invasion and larceny in a building, and has a bond of $50,000 over his head.

Source: mlive.com

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