Chuck E. Cheese Restaurants: Come For The Pizza, Stay For The Fistfights.

Chuck E. Cheese, known to most as the place for pizza and fun a world where every kid wants to have a birthday party; sadly, though, grown men and women have found a way to behave worse than children in a public place.  It seems that Chuck E. Cheese chains around the country have a growing problem with violent fights breaking out between adults during birthday parties for children.

In the town of Susquehanna, Pa, local police have responded to 17 calls over the period of 18 months from the same restaurant.  This is not uncommon, as fights seem to break out at the pizza chain all around the country, and many witnesses have been posting videos of the phenomenon on YouTube.  Experts claim that the high emotions of a birthday party, the noise and crowding, and the fact that some of the restaurants serve alcohol, are the reason that family feuds can break out and turn violent.


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