Science Makes a Race Car for Germs

A 3D printer is the greatest thing ever. All you need to do is feed it material and it can create anything that you program into it, as long as you assemble it after if it has moving parts.  I guess that most of the time there are two ways to go with this kind of tech, either massively giant or super small.  Clearly Vienna University is on the same page as everyone here at Varms and thinks that Nano tech is the wave of the future, so they have decided to go that way with their device—which is skillful enough to create great detail and the fastest device on the planet for lines etched in a set period (think a dot-matrix printer, but in 3D making things).  It might not be exciting for everyone, but this is the first step to creating the parts for the robots that will mess with our cells to allow us to live forever.

One thing that I have found that is always good to remember is that science is completely done/run by nerds.  I am not judging, as I am one of their ranks, as much as I am super happy that most of the time that first thing that gets tested with most things is something that I would probably do.  I would have made Rorona from the Atelier series, but I will also accept bacteria sized racecar.


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