Developer Claims Game Consoles Are Dying

A mobile and tablet game developer, Ngmoco (yes, the company name is that stupid), put on a presentation at GDC that claims console games are dying out.  They spewed out statistics and numbers that give the impression that gaming giants like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will eventually be surpassed by Apple, Google, and Facebook.  That’s right; a company that didn’t even make the effort to come up with a decent name thinks folks will toss out their beloved game consoles to settle for Angry Birds and Farmville.

Most people can agree that smartphones and tablet PC’s have become very powerful little computers, and that they have some fun games available on them.  However, making the claim that gaming apps with limited controls and unfocused appeal can shake down a multi-billion dollar industry with a massive fan-base is a rather bold statement.  Ngmoco thinks that since mobile games have taken over the market for casual gamers, children, and handheld gamers that the hardcore gamers will soon follow.  This prediction fails to factor in that children and casuals are by no means “real” gamers.  Better luck with next year’s sales pitch, Ngmoco.


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