Man Planning to Break Skydiving Record

In a story that might as well be called, “What Won’t Red Bull Sponsor?” someone has decided that he is going to jump from a balloon on the edge of space—brought to you by Red Bull.  The only other people who have ever jumped from a higher elevation than him were back in the 60’s when the government (US and Russia) were testing their equipment on men to make sure that they wouldn’t explode when they went into the outer limits of this world.  Interestingly enough the first person to do it, a US Marine, had an issue with his suit during the experiment and had one of his gloves fill with blood but said nothing because he thought that the test was too important to stop it just because he might be bleeding to death.

The plan is to jump from a height of 120,000 feet, the height of four Mount Everest from sea level to the tip – or 4800 Jawses if you are Kevin Smith and need that terrifying image to process data, and pretty much shatter the previous records.  As someone who has repeatedly gone on record for being afraid of heights I can honestly say that this is the worst idea ever, but it is good to know that if I do ever fall from space I can use a parachute to live.

Source: BBC

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