Science Attempts To Understand Drunken Blackouts

Science once again strives to answer mankind’s most important questions, such as, “what happened last night?”  The University of Pennsylvania recently did a study to find out what kinds of people may be more prone to memory loss from drinking.  It also turns out that those fuzzy memories of drunken nights actually have a technical term- “alcohol-induced fragmentary blackout.”

The study discovered that some people are actually far more prone to having memory problems even after small amounts of alcohol.  The real shocker about this study, however, seems to be what science considers, “binge drinking”.  Technically, drinking 2-3 nights per week and having about five drinks on those nights is considered binge drinking.  This begs the question, what term does science have for REAL heavy drinkers, for example, the cast of “The Jersey Shore”?  Gigadrinkers?  Ultraholics?


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