Nippon Ichi America Offers Awesome Atelier Pre-Order Bonus

The Alchemist of Arland trilogy is coming to an end on May 22nd, and while I am painfully upset about this happening to me there is some solace in that fact; Nippon Ichi has announced the pre-order for the Limited Edition Grand Finale Set that can only be obtained directly from their online store.  NISA is normally releases collectors editions of most of the games that they publish, but it is a very special day when they put out their store edition of the product; they are normally twice as collectable and contain the standard and limited edition packages inside, so they can be re-sold later for profit if it is easier in those formats.  This trophy will come with the following:

-The game (Duh)
-An Art Book (Soft Cover)
-Sound Track (Exclusive to ordering from the store)
-A “Barrel” T-Shirt (Which I wish they shipped in “Fat Guy” but only comes in Large)

For those of you who aren’t rabid fans of the site, and don’t know how much I love this series, it is a pretty straight forward Time Management Style Role Playing Game.  Think about some of the better Final Fantasies, but with limited amount of actions that can be done before the end of the game, and with the power to create some of the best items in the game pretty much whenever needed/wanted for pretty much no reason.  The Atelier series is long and mildly-well documented, and it is said that Meruru (this upcoming one) is best of the series.

Source: Varms.Net

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