NASA Breaks Open UFO Files

I think it is a kind of satisfying to know that NASA has tons of files on UFO’s, after all they are in the business of sending people into space so it is nice to know that they are at least interested in things that might be coming from beyond earth.  Sadly the place that seems to be attempting to break this wide open in the Discovery/Science channel, and even if they are attempting to be fair and balanced they seem to be leaning pretty hard on the, “these are probably aliens,” view of things.

The true meaning of skeptic means someone that needs solid proof to believe, mainly someone who isn’t just going to take something at face value.  I try to value myself as someone who believes in aliens, but in the same instance most of the things that are demonstrated during this show seem to be pretty quickly explained away with “that is just common debris around the ship.”  It might also be important to note that most of the people who are debunking the viewings are people who work directly for NASA as a science expert in science, and the Astronauts who claim to see things are pilots not thoroughly trained in the aspects of microgravity.  Granted, most of them are probably a lot smarter than I—I am still inclined to believe the guy who designed the shuttle by pure math than the guy flying it.

Source: Huffington Post

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